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    Whale Swallows Two Kayakers

    About 2 weeks before this a whale surfaced in the same area right under a kayaker and they just slid down it's back. A few years prior to that a Great White killed a swimmer there.
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    What is it with pets?

    As the Master you are coming off with the attitude that your **** doesn't stink. I guess they are doubting you
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    Prayers needed

    Prayers sent
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    15 YO Drinking

    I took kids on mission trips for 10 years And am pretty sure 80-90% of them drank more than once in High School
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    15 YO Drinking

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    15 YO Drinking

    He sounds like a good kid. Actions have Consequences speech 101
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    You Ever Changed A Liberal’s Mind?

    I've explained to people the "animal " get "protected " due to hunters $$$ And convinced one person that logging actually benefits wildlife, but in the end mostly it's not worth the time or effort I do like telling them about Pitman-Roberts, duck stamps, DU, Delta, NWTF,RMEF and then ask...
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    Say Goodbye to a HERO

    RIP True American Hero
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    Beyond annoying

    If I wanted beyond annoying, I'd just disable my ignore button
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    A little fish porn, pic heavy.....

    Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing
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    OT hiking in questions around deer hunting

    I've had friends shot at while tracking a deer in archery season. I don't think the growers are limited to the emerald Triangle anymore
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    My favorite catch, above any Marlin, Tuna or Giant Mahi was a West Slope Cutthroat on a dry fly on the Yakima river !
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    Rebuild/Refit of 2004 Lowe 1860 Roughneck VPT and Lowe (Yacht Club) Trailer

    Great job! This also reminds me why I hunt out of a canoe or kayak .