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    2022 Breeding Grounds Conditions

    I just got this e-mail from SS. 2022 Snow Goose Hatch This years snow goose hatch was excellent! Reports from early season hunters in Canada have confirmed that the hatch has looked very good. Additionally, some of the Sillosocks team made an early season trip up to Canada for ducks...
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    Thought I'd watch some goose hunting videos today...

    Shell limits, dumbest rule ever. If I am allowed 4 birds, why does it matter if I can get all 4 in one volley or 2, 3, 4, etc. The faster I am out of the field, the better for everyone and everything.
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    Some teal Shotkam videos

    Which video in particular? But in general, its not as dark in real life as the video, but its close. I try to not shoot at LST just for that reason, I like to be able to see more in the videos.
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    Some teal Shotkam videos

    Been really busy with work, but here are Day 1 and Day 2 videos. I have 3 more days to edit. I know some of you guys hate them, others like them. Mine are simple no frills, no talking, or crappy music, just money shots. Day 1 Day 2
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    Dove stuffed mushrooms....

    So instead of the traditional jap and dove wrap, I'll sub out mushrooms and stuff with cream cheese. Usually most people like them.
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    Grassing an A Frame

    A lot of grassing depends on where you hunt and what type of brush/grass you access to. When we hunt in OK I'm almost as jealous as the birds up there as the amount of cover they have. We can spend 30 minutes cutting grass on the side of the road and be able to brush lots of blinds. Attached...
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    I'm skimming, but for doves using lead, I usually shoot LM and will change it if they are flying low/decoying well or its windy and the white wings are high. For teal, I usually put in Skeet 1 or CYL depending on how close the decoys are. For ducks/geese, usually Skeet 1 or IC. Everything can...
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    Lucky Duck Agitator review Pre-season

    I usually charge it once during teal season. Normally I hunt about 8 out of the 16 day season and turn on the decoy at sun up and off around 10ish. So I'd say maybe around 24 hours of run time between charge?
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    Lucky Duck Agitator review Pre-season

    This was on the Trending Threads Newsletter e-mail and for you guys hunting in shallow water, like muddy rice fields, I found the XS CRAZY KICKER-MALLARD DRAKE is a winner. Mine will be in its 5th teal season and still going strong, despite running it over with the ATV onetime. I've read a lot...
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    What's on your hunting bucket list ?

    That's on my list too. Goose hunting in the south island and some deep sea fishing also. PM me if you are looking at goose hunting there. Then Argentina dove hunting is also on my list and free lancing in Canada. Been there three times on guided hunts, but I want to go now and free lance for...
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    A-Frame Blind Advice and Other Life News

    Well that sucks to hear. Hopefully mine lasts.
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    A-Frame Blind Advice and Other Life News

    I have the FA SUB. I've only ever hunted out of a Lucky Duck on a guide hunt and I can't really give feedback on how well it holds up. Check out some videos on the FA. I like how it has pockets to hold brush better and you can use it as a panel blind in flat (or flat-ish) ground.
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    I thought ammunition prices were coming down?

    Not sure its just Rogers. Our local Academy's is just as bad. I paid the below prices in 2018 for teal ammo. WE12GT6 WE12GTH6 10/9/2018 $64.84 10/9/2018 $70.25 A quick search shows its $11.99 a box for WE12GT6 and $11.99 for WE12GTH6 (out of stock). So almost double what I...
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    Prairie thunder outfitters lodge

    Damn, $975 a day... For that I'm going to South America or New Zealand.
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    Prairie thunder outfitters lodge

    Fowlco still fighting with all the guides in the area? Last I heard (and its not recent) Blue Stem was trying to move west and running into issues with Fowlco.

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