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    Ever shoot a pet duck while hunting?

    I was up north (Gridley area) to hunt ducks,as I pulled into my Sister and Brother in law's house two mallards landed in the ditch across the street.I uncased my gun and went after them. I shot the drake when they jumped up......The sucker must have weighed 5+ pounds so he had to me farm raised...
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    NEVER FORGET 9/11/01... Then I knew.

    I will never forget! ...The one good thing I remember is that for a while it felt like all the America people became United.
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    Next on the California "ban" list

    I wish there was a Bill to ban Moron Politicians!
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    The solution is sooooo obvious!.... Just train the wolves to only hunt feral horses and donkeys! :doh
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    Mountain Lion Encounters

    Give our deer herds a couple more years after all the fires we had and deer hunting will be really good again.
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    Deer hunting advice

    Put some miles on the truck scouting forest roads for sign and deer. When you find a lot of sign ( fresh tracks and heavily used trails) then foot scout that area! Get where you can glass and like what was said already early (breaking daylight and until dark!) and late.
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    Batmobile raid.

    Wealthy guy gets his revenge for being delayed and us tax payers pay the price!
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    Mountain Lion Encounters

    I have seen two in the wild. I see their tracks a lot,sometimes on my tracks after leaving the turkey blind mid morning.
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    As Tule Lake vanishes, so do lives and livelihoods

    Bureau of Reclamation! They are in charge of all water allocations!That is where we need to steer our anger!
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    SoCal Celebrities don’t give a rats behind about the drought....

    Yet I see building of houses and apartments being constructed every where I go in California! Why are permits issued when we have no water?
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    July fuel price??

    5.45 for gas at Costco Antioch,Ca
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    Bruen Supreme court case and California is huge

    If prisons are too full there is a reason for that! Build more prisons!Lets try using all the tax we pay for keeping tax payers safe!
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    Ammo Shipping?

    Thanks Kevin for the up date....Jim
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    Ammo Shipping?

    Where do we stand in the courts? Is it still being appealed or are we just SOL?

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