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    Trapping 2022-2023

    Lucky guy.
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    Welcome to ND

    You obviously haven’t hunted fresh beaver ponds. There are some untouched gems that aren’t beaver ponds too but they are usually tough to get to. In general hunters are very lazy. That’s a good thing for those willing to put in some work. Google maps has made scouting too easy. A lot of...
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    Time for a new gun

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want any oil in their inertia gun? Oil collects dust, gun powder, other schmeg and gums up in the cold. The number one problem I have seen with inertias jamming is oil. I may use a small amount for cleaning and surface rust but it all gets whipped out and I run...
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    Time for a new gun

    If you don’t shoot 3.5’s it’s worth looking at the M2’s. It’s the same gun as an sbe2 just chambered for 3. I have an sbe2 and love it but if I could go back I’d buy the M2 because I don’t shoot 3.5’s other than at turkeys. I’m not a fan of the muzzle weight on gas guns otherwise I’d...
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    Sask vs ND

    May have been 2500. I was wondering if I was off by a zero when I posted. My mistake. Either way a lot of land with no hunting.
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    The Midterms

    Nope he just put in justices that uphold the constitution and aren’t politically motivated in their decisions. There’s other examples from the new justices other than roe to prove this. It’s not the feds decision therefor it is a states right. Political judges is the only thing that made it...
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    Sask vs ND

    No one is hunting those big corporations land. Not even guides. What a guide would pay is penny’s to those types of companies. I’ve seen the same thing in ND. I’m not as doom and gloom as lots of you on here. We just need a couple minor changes to take care of the primary problem is...
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    The Midterms

    I think abortion had way more to do with this not being a red wave than trump. Most voters don’t even understand how our three branches work. They got out to vote against republicans because in their minds that was what overturned roe. I think the republicans would do way better overall if...
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    218! Done deal!!!

    Are we going to pick up 4 or 5 more? Google shows 5 left uncalled. I am seeing two in CA, one in CO and one in AK on the Google election results map all leaning red. What’s the 5th? Funny that Google shows AK leaning blue but that’s not really true with their ranked choice voting. Subtle...
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    Sask vs ND

    Yep. Had to move to a new area this year to find birds and found a couple hot feeds on a LLC’s land. Talked to the farmer that farms it and he said the corporation that owns it owns 25000 sections and they are all no hunting due to liability concerns. The corporate office was 6 hours away...
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    Sask vs ND

    You’ve made several outlandish posts in this thread. You seem salty. Tough season or just a curmudgeon?
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    Assuming that Trump is the R nominee…

    Doesn’t matter. He’ll lose. Unfortunately he’ll probably keep good candidates like desantis out of the primary. He is sinking the Republican Party. He is too narcissistic to see that. I’ll vote for him again in the general but it’ll be a wasted vote. Even brain dead brandon that has put...
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    Sask vs ND

    1. Limit NR hunters to 2 - 7 day periods per season not counting spring snows. Just like ND. 2. Eliminate all non residents from guiding. Those two would be enough to keep it from getting ruined. There are some wild statements in this thread about those who go to Canada, why they go and...
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    Sask vs ND

    Canada does not need a draw system or limited NR licenses. I’ve traveled and hunted MB and SK a lot and most areas do not have too much pressure. Sometimes finding the birds can be a problem and lots of gas gets burned. I would not be opposed to banning all US outfitters and limiting Canada...
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    how cold is too cold for a dog?

    Same. When it’s time for me to go to bed I bring the dog outside for the night. When it’s time for me to go to work she goes outside in the kennel until papa gets home.

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