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    Shooting divers with Hevi XII

    Agreed! Steel #3's for those pesky aythya collaris!
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    Paint Em Black and They Come Back?

    Coots are de rigueur!
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    I need a blind bag that's not trash.

    Year 20 on a Cabelas bag, still like new! Hit it with Snow seal from year to year, keep it in controlled environment during off-season. Lube the zippers with silicone. My flask loves it!
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    Do people even.........

    Hell yes! But it is in a marsh setting, not big water, and limited to aythya collaris only. I am not complaining- love these acrobatic and challenging fliers! Using minimal spread of decoys. Glad these ducks are largely spared the prairie drought ravages.
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    Advice on Bullet-proof/Swamp-proof Auto

    Benelli Supernova, ugly but ultra-reliable pump, forget the autos....
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    Ringbills, ringnecks, blackjacks

    A handful finally showed up! November is bliss!
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    Ringbills, ringnecks, blackjacks

    Great! Hoping they will show up soon! Full moon opening weekend is not helping
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    Just braggin'

    The real treasure and blessing! Taking my daughter (15) scouting tomorrow! Teal are her favourite, and she had plenty of impala in Africa!
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    Big O at 15'

    Hit 16' !!
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    Ringbills, ringnecks, blackjacks

    Good to hear, Rick! I love November!
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    Kayak as a layout boat

    Many years ago the bluebills were more numerous and accessible on the big lake but since then less visible though some have seen large numbers on the open water. Shot a brace that came into the dekes mistaking them for ringers, and a couple over the years in the south. A drake bluebill in full...
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    Ringbills, ringnecks, blackjacks

    Are ringbills staging or are they heading south? Went to my marsh yesterday and nothing yet!
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    Medicare commercials

    Take care of your teeth, young ones!
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    Kayak as a layout boat

    Ok! I made the suggestion because of the scaup reduced limit, but also freshwater ringers will not require many decoys, and they definitely taste better and you can get a half dozen. I do appreciate and admire your hard work in the salt.
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    Kayak as a layout boat

    Noel, have you ever been to the Big O? Might be worth a try.