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    Draws up

    San Jacinto.
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    Benicia issue

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    Some venison backstrap with roasted taters and portobello mushrooms. Was tasty. Grill roasted mallard.
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    Most dependable gun you have shot?

    870 Express (older model) Winchester Model 70 (several) Smith & Wesson 1006 Ithaca Model 37
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    Good luck Veterans

    Heading out to the desert in a few. Will be a warm one tomorrow, but I plan on sticking it out all day. Good luck to everyone and good shooting.
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    Veterans Saturday is posted…

    Unsuccessful at Wister and San Jacinto for me. I'll hit the sweat line at Wister on Saturday. Hope everyone else out there gets some good draws.
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    Gear closet

    All my hunting clothes are hanging in the walk-in closet in the spare bedroom. Also have an old dresser strictly for hunting gear (socks, hats, gloves, etc.) Waders are also stored in the closet off-season.
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    Thanks. Semper Fi. USMC '89-'19.
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    Barnes LRX performance?

    I haven't used the LRX, but I do have some TTSXs worked up for my .257 Wby. Very accurate at the range, but haven't had the opportunity to try them on game yet. I had great results with the 168 grain Nosler ETip out of a .300 WSM. Dropped a muley on the spot at 326 yards. Golf ball sized exit...
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    Playing the refuge game lottery, unbelievable

    Zero success for me so far. Put in for every date since the opener at Wister and San Jacinto. Looks like I'll keep hitting the sweat line. Only draw last year was for the veteran hunt.
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    Who else has leaky waders

    +1 on the Bassdash stockingfoot waders. Very comfortable and on their second season with no issues.
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    What is This?

    Jerusalem cricket. Usually see a few of those around here each year.
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    Aerial Observer Training and Testing Resources

    That was fun, thanks for posting. Enjoy that sea duck hunt!