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    Decoy painting

    I think it is a Flextone Thunder Creeper. Got it at Walmart a few years ago.
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    Decoy painting

    I touched up the heads and necks of my jake decoys with acrylic paint. It may not make any difference to Mr. Tom, but I think they look good!
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    Choke tube/ammo combo

    I agree with Squaller. If you have access to #4 steel, I would be using it over the #3 steel. Here are a couple of my steel load patterns to give you an idea of the differences in performance you might see. The loads were shot through a Remington 870 Special Purpose shotgun with a 26-inch...
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    Federal blue box

    Here are some of my pattern numbers with those two loads to give you an idea of their performance in my gun/chokes. Even though the Speed-Shok patterned a little tighter... If choked for the distance of your shots and provided you can put the pattern on their front end, I doubt a mallard will...
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    Any Old Timers?

    Not sure if I'm an old timer or not but I feel like it some morning! Shot my first duck in 1968 (I think) and me and my buddies shot our first geese near Salt Plains NWR on 11-27-70. Mine and my buddy's dad took us on the hunt, and we shot 10 Canada geese from a pit blind in a wheat field over...
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    Fast Steel 2.0 for a 20 gauge

    Sam D3 -- Here are some of my 20-gauge pattern numbers, that I've posted before, to give you an idea of the kind of performance you might get from some 3-inch steel loads. Of course, you’ll need to pattern your gun/chokes/loads to check their performance since they may vary from mine. Pattern...
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    Lets cut one open

    I've cut open and counted a few over the years in order to determine true pattern percentages. Here are some of my 12 gauge steel load numbers for your consideration. 12-gauge factory steel load true pellet counts The true in-shell pellet count listed is an average of five shells cut open and...
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    What choke?

    That may depend on the load, the barrel, and the choke. Patterning results from a 12-gauge Browning Citori with 28" Invector-plus barrels using Briley flush chokes (patterns average of five, 30" post-shot scribed circle, yardage taped muzzle to target, and in-shell pellet count average of...
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    What choke?

    Ok, an old post but I'll chime in with some of my patterning info that I've posted before in case any newcomers haven't seen it. Patterning results from a 12-gauge 3-inch Remington 870 Special Purpose with a 28-inch barrel and factory flush Rem-chokes (pattern average of five, 30-inch post-shot...
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    IMHO -- A 12ga 2 3/4-inch 1 1/4-ounce of #5 lead at 1220 fps is the best pheasant load on the market. Regardless of brand, they should be pheasant killers if choked appropriately for the distance of your shots! Here are a few of my pattern numbers comparing that load with a couple other...
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    I didn't say so, the pattern board says they perform the same! 40 YARD patterns Mean pattern / 253.1 (71.05%) Mean pattern / 254.9 (69.22%) That's crazy close to the same performance on a 10-shot average! I didn't assess functioning ability of the two through SA guns but I can tell you that...
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    Oops, forgot to attach these so you can see the components.
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    Well, lets see what the differences are. I recently dissected and patterned these low-cost factory shot shell loads to assess their component consistency, quality, and pattern performance from a full choke at 40 yards. Powder and shot data were obtained by cutting open five shells from the...
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    Why is birdshot larger than 1 named with letters?

    I'm shooting them in a normal rifled barrel. I don't think those lead pellets would do anything to the rifling.
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    Why is birdshot larger than 1 named with letters?

    They were still available a few years ago. Yes, they work!

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