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    Remington disappointment.

    Beretta a4
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    Federal Duck Stamps go on sale today

    Glad I’m not the only dumb @$$
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    Federal Duck Stamps go on sale today

    Just got mine at post office lady assured it was the most recent 1 but date says 2021-2022
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    Annoying voices

    Mine wants us to take sign language classes
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    Annoying voices

    don’t know if you know this but it’s a free country :yes I don’t know how you do it
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    Whos been married the longest.

    Cheaper that way ,seriously congratulations
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    I thought ammunition prices were coming down?

    No kidding I don’t shoot bismuth ,but DAYYYUM over$600 for a case:no
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    Do you feed rabbits?

    Yep my daughter was secretly feeding a raccoon ,almost close enough to hand feed :doh:fp
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    Anybody have or use the quackhead j frame?
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    I haven't done this in 50 years

    don’t watch sports but enjoy watching a rodeo
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    My friend had an English pointer and chickens, didn’t go well especially at night when dad would shoot at the noise , needless when the dog saw him with a shotgun he’d hide:yes
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    Wife also lives cattle dogs or Australian shepherds ,they work to please or have a task
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    Arby’s and Burgers?

    Disappointed they did away with chicken cordon bleu, usually get the Cobb salad which is pretty tasty & healthy if eating fast food