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    form for transporting shotgun from US into Canada

    Yes.....we always register on the US side on the way up. We then have proof we aren't smuggling guns across the border.
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    Minnesota Outdoorsman

    I am surprised.....66 views. Probably most by guys from here and no one knows what it is.
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    Minnesota Outdoorsman

    Is anyone here a member of Minnesota Oudrsman website????
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    Swan Permit

    Anyone wanting to try for a Swan this fall has until Aug 17 to apply. Both Residents and nonresidents. Apply on line at ND GNF.
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    Bird Flu Border Restrictions

    So does processed mean completely cooked???
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    Simple Fowl (as in chicken) brine

    That sounds very good. Will have to try it.
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    Making wild rabbit tender ?

    How many of those recipes are for rabbits shot now or in the fall? Rabbits in the fall are young of the year and always tender. Rabbits now are last years young. Tough. Just like trying to fry up year and a half old hens....crock pot or some methods of moist and slow. Not fried. Soak all you...
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    I went to Canada this weekend.

    I guess Mods aren't entitled to their opinions if it doesn't agree with yours. And for your information as it says below, I can't moderate this forum. Someone else moderates this one.:fp:fp
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    I went to Canada this weekend.

    Sorry......totally not true. Done with this.
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    I went to Canada this weekend.

    Keep also says this.... "In February, unvaccinated adults were 10 times more likely to die of COVID-19 compared to vaccinated individuals and five times more likely to require hospitalization, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." "Compared to...
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    I went to Canada this weekend.

    Show me exactly where the information is that says 40% of Covid deaths are people that were vaccinated? Because I can't find it ANYWHERE. From the CDC.... Fully vaccinated people with a vaccine breakthrough infection are less likely to develop serious illness than those who are unvaccinated...
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    How is it lookin in ND?

    Dean.....that is correct. supposedly 1 rooster can mate with up to 7 to 10 hens. Plus roosters will keep hens away from food. Which is why people who do not allow hunting and think they are doing their pheasants a favor are dead wrong.
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    A few ShotKam videos

    Great hunting. Who is going to lay there with those swarms over you and not shoot. Might as well stay home and watch TV. :mad::mad:
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    How is it lookin in ND?

    Dean.....yes they have trouble with chick survival as do pheasants when we have a wet July after hatching. Can't keep body warmth. But after heavy snow they don't do well either.
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    How is it lookin in ND?

    A few years ago we had a snowstorm in Oct. Right before pheasant season opened. We found a bunch of dead pheasants. Suffocated under the snow. This will kill a lot of them. As for Huns....they beat any duck on the table hands down. And it doesn't matter what you do with still tastes...