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    BM Report.....

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    My new to me Cab Boat

    GET YOUR *** OFF THE FREAKIN ROOF!!! Jug & Pimp....:fp
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    My new to me Cab Boat

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    Goober Week

    :l :l:l
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    Lower Vallier

    Dere it is....:l
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    Reposting from facebook....boat races

    Wooooooooo! :l
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    Kirk McCullough's letter to Democrat/Gazette

    Damn I miss that Old place!!:yes
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    A little something

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    A little something

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    Duck Hunting in 30 years?

    I started in 1965, I was 9 years old and the mallard limit was 1 duck. I've hunted every year since then mostly in Bayou Meto, Arkansas. I've seen so many changes it's almost hard to believe...The point system, 2,3 & 4 duck limits, 30 day seasons, 45 days & 60 days. Motor size restrictions...
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    Arkansas WMA's vs. Federal National Wildlife Refuge's OOS'er

    Yes, they had a pile of paperwork, thick as a Bible on him that they had collected over 3-4 years prior.Yes on the camp as residence and yes on still living, though part time in SC....MG
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    A little something

    Shore did....lost a Bunch of BIG trees.....out of power for a week......ouch...:z
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    A little something

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