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    wont be much longer Irving and you will have green heads dropping into your lap.
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    Awesome first trip for Merriams - THANKS Nebraska

    Glad you enjoyed your time in the Husker state! the area you hunted is really a pretty area, your son will be ready for the next trip for sure and don't for get your fishing poles next time.
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    New canada season?????

    as much as I like hunting geese a longer or second season would be tough, I don't do the lay out blinds and birds get wise to a pit after several months of being pounded in the same field.
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    Cool bird jzoo! I haven't seen one or if I did I missed it going by.
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    Where to live

    STAYING right here in Western Nebraska, 3 hours from Denver 3 hours from Rapid city 3 hours from Casper right smack dab in the middle of now where. far enough from the crazies yet close enough to remind you why you live where you do. oh we have a few ducks that stop on their way south to...
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    Best time to hunt North Platte area

    all depends on the year, weather in Nebraska changes fast it could be 50-60 degrees one day and the river could be flowing ice and nasty the next morning. I would look after thanksgiving for your best chances, by that time deer season is over, the kids have been home from college and that...
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    Forceing Cone Lengthened

    while I haven't had forcing cones lengthened in a field gun, I have had that done along with having them ported on my trap guns and noticed a deference shooting marathons, felt recoil seemed to have gone down.
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    Shooting with a non-shooter?

    if your wife is a reader pick her up a new book by her favorite writer, bino's for watching the ducks work. instead of your normal coffee get her some thing she really likes to drink, make the day about her. just a few idea's good luck and enjoy your time.
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    Sport dog 1800 transmitter

    thanks Gordy I will have to try it with my buddies 425 and see if it will even work.
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    Sport dog 1800 transmitter

    looking for some information about using the SD 1825 collars with the older SD1800 transmitter? has any one here tried it? if not I am going to be looking at getting a new collar and transmitter. I haven't called sport dog yet to see if it is even possible.
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    there could be something to this line of thinking that post count is a measure of information, kinda like the SEC thinking they are the only football conference ??? :joker
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    that's about a good a description as one can expect! only thing missing is some jackwagon snapping a towel! I am willing to bet more of the worlds problems have been solved in a duck blind or goose pit, any place like minded men gather with dogs, guns, decoys. and of course plenty of coffee.
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    everyone! in our blinds you better be able to take as good as you give, here on the boards I think thick skin is part of the game there is always going to be some one around flipping crap.
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    you better be thick skinned enough to handle what you dish out.
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    Marsh Fox Banned?

    oh I would be he is reading threads taking notes and when he gets back will be on fire posting. as much as the guy rubs people the wrong way he isn't half bad to have around.