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    15 YO Drinking

    Are you and mom: “Good cop, bad cop” Or “Bad cop, badder cop” Either way, he problably needs to sweat out whatever is left in his system.
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    They're yummy and delicious!

    I’ve heard that some folks don’t like crawfish. Said they are, well, mud bugs. Great. More for me.
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    Redhead Decoy Paint Jobs
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    Redhead Decoy Paint Jobs Check out their paint by numbers deeks. This place is awesome
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    Mind blown

    What darkvibe said, lower center of gravity. I assume less risk of injury should that embankment give out too. I researched the rumba styled autonomous robot lawn mowers. I was close to getting one, until I read about how easy they are to steal. Got too many kids around that would pick it...
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    Toby Keith

    He’s as good once as he ever was.
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    Record Burmese python caught in Fla.

    I got a 11’ + gator that I see only once a year. I think he’s bigger now.
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    Party at Fasteel’s

    I am so disappointed in myself for snoozing on this one.
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    Arch Manning

    Crapper talk on the street is he committed early just to get some NIL money and we might see him playing elsewhere in a few years.
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    I heard a sounder of pigs can devour a carcass in half an hour. Does that include teeth and other bones that might identify the said carcass?
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    This reminds me, I’m seeing 5.56 ammo, for those scary black rifles, going for like 45 cents each. Is that a good enough price to put a couple of boxes in my already sinking boat?
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    Things I have learned not to do about duck hunting.

    That shallow slough isn’t.
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    Whos been married the longest.

    Are we talking years of service or round count?
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    Carry laws and laws in general on Native Indian reservations

    White man been carrying on that land since before it was a rez. So, therefore I don’t bc I know if I get stopped I’ll be checked.

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