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    American Policy Center article: Electronic Registration Info Center

    Looking for opinions on the article on the American Policy Center site: "Electronic Registration Information Center, (ERIC)". What do you think? Oops, sorry, it's on page three of their articles.
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    The Refuge's oldest member, OFH passed away at 98 years old

    Perhaps someone can find and post an obit?
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    Information on antique decoys

    If the maker of the Can. is well known that will help the value. The DU decoy, I don't think you can get much over $40 for it as there's was probably a lot of them made for DU banquets. The last two are mfg (you can see the lathe marks...made by machines). $30-40 ea? Problem is, the antique...
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    Dive Bomb decoys

    Must be quite the crew?
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    Diesel Shortages

    It surprises me that people here keep saying Biden is the architect of all this crap, then, in other threads, acknowledge that he's got the mental capacity of a 10 yr. old. Why aren't we seeking, and exposing those that are hiding in the shadows who are actually orchestrating these destructive...
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    Security tags?

    Can't you buy a tool to remove them...maybe Amazon?
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    Dow below 30,000.

    I gave mine to a professional to manage and he lost for me!
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    Video from 1969

    It's ours to lose.
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    Video from 1969

    Scary stuff. As of 2020, we are dangerously close to the shadow.
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    Cool old bluebill decoy...

    The body looks correct for a Mason, but I think the head is a replacement.
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    Serious Question for parents of Millenials who have grandchildren

    You mean a brother that's 40+ yrs old, but acts like 12? Who steals money from a wallet, use a knife to scratch/damage a car, gun, antique, and then give you a cheapish grin like, "geez, I didn't know you'd miss the money or I didn't think it would scratch the gun barrel that bad"? 40 years of...
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    Serious Question for parents of Millenials who have grandchildren

    I had a brother like that...haven't spoken to him in thirty years.
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    The perfect grouse/rabbit gun?

    Maybe if you took them out and showed them how it's done!?
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    Dominion Voting Machines in New Mexico

    That's the best news I've heard in a while. A journey starts with a first step.
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    The perfect grouse/rabbit gun?

    16ga, 26in bbl, Cyc choke...yeah, that gun was ordered as a grouse gun, for sure. 7 1/2 for grouse, 5's or 6's for rabbits. Hunting both at the same time? What would be the main event and what would be your target of opportunity? 5/6's would work for grouse later in the season.