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    Vols welfare check

    I'm torn because in my mind, and this is contingent on a Michigan win, but you have UGA and UM...then a pile of teams you can make a case for. Best record? Best resume? Best team? TCU has a far better record then Bama...but do I think they can take Bama? OSU is getting in by doing...
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    I know public land is public but

    See you just need to get there at 2am and have plan A.
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    I know public land is public but

    I understand the appeal of building a blind but I wouldn't wanna advertise to other people that the hole is worth hunting.
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    PAF thread closing record?

    I mean, there are definitely people here who get very angry and can't be cordial.
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    RIP The Mad Duck

    Fck Cancer. Sorry for your loss.
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    I'm just surprised you're a plastic tree type of guy.
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    That's a sad tree cooksey
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    The end of seaduck hunting in Washington

    There's no way they determine acceptable population numbers based on harvest reports.
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    I don't think I can touch that.
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    So like on a scale of 1-10 on how much you care, would you say you're like a 5?
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    You just look like a slob. Gotta be honest, do it all the time and just hope I don't run into someone I know. "Joggers" will look a little better.
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    I know public land is public but

    It was just so ugly it was flairing birds.
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    Smokin deals on Sitka cyber sale!!

    I got a shipping notice, so I think they just do a little credit card magic to avoid being scammed.
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    PAF thread closing record?

    That's a zero.
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    Need some prayers guys.

    Can't even imagine. Wishing her and your family the best.

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