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    Who started out with a single?

    First-year as a duck hunting at 12 years old, I was shooting a Stevens 16 gauge, full choke single,. I killed maybe 6 ducks that year. The next fall I had an Ithaca 37-A,, loved that gun.
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    Western Films the Original or Remake?

    I haven't watched a lot of TV , or movies. The most recent service we have has the GRIT channel. I've been recording some of those westerns, And have watched maybe 5 of them over the past couple of months Just finished Fort Apache and Roster Cogburn . I did read the whole Sacketss series 35...
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    Need some prayers guys.

    Prayers sent
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    Three shots.

    As a young kid I was probably like most young hunters, if you took one shot at a duck you emptied your gun. An old fellow used to say ammunition is the cheapest part of the hunt. And for many years I only took the good shots that I wanted to take, and didn't feel the urged to take a second or...
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    Maryland Ag Secretary caught baiting

    Baiting laws need to be changed. But guilty more than 3 rounds.
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    What Y'all Cooking?

    Im still eating Thanksgiving left overs!
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    I didn't duck hunt today

    Are you still in Ashton? cut the last 15 inches off a prized flyrod. then just past the cork hand, cut that part of the rod off. Insert The 15 inches into the cork handle, fill with epoxy. I tossed out all of my old ice fishing rods, which were old when I got them. Some had plastic reels...
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    I didn't duck hunt today

    Just had another thing I'd consider it crazy happen. A Drake Goldeneye came flying down the pass and I'm camped at 6,500 ft
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    I didn't duck hunt today

    Success cutt my $300 Christmas tree(gas) Late breackfast. It's time to get out of here The wind's picking up the snow's drifting otherwise it won't be able to get me till spring
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    I didn't duck hunt today

    Even when extremely cold elk 10 to bed in quakey patches and often those are facing more of a northerly direction. Elk historically were a plains animal ,human activity forced him into the woods Bright and suuny again today where I am My wife canceled an appointment at home because of...
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    I didn't duck hunt today

    My wife said it was windy and snowy and nasty at home. I chose to spend my time in my pickup looking for elk. Time for lunch,11:00 am
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    79 years ago

    My dad's comments about his experiences were substavially different.
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    Sharing of personal medical information

    My wife would have been fired as the person giving the information out or the person receiving it
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    Decoy spreads

    My hun's very so widely. In Washington State hunting flooded pasture or hayfields we had a mixed spread of decoys mostly pintails and Mallards depending on how much time we had to hunt anywhere from 50 to 200 decoys. In Utah if I was hunting a small river flow generally a dozen to three dozen...
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    Straight spread silos? full bodies? socks? shells?

    So a good shrink will have some good permissions and decoys

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