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    Jurasic Park World Dominion

    Watched it today and immediately thought 2 things.. 1. I love my 10ga 2. Be hell if one of those fell dead and hit the blind
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    Longshot question, but has anyone ever sponsored a refugee or humanitarian parolee?

    Thanks for the ideas. We considered a lawyer, didn't think about the potential right off work!. I probably will make some calls on that in Monday. We are also looking into the united for ukraine. She's in the process of trying to get to lviv to get their passports. Apparently applications...
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    Longshot question, but has anyone ever sponsored a refugee or humanitarian parolee?

    Let me clarify. Has anyone gone through the state department process? If so, do you have any advice on navigating the red tape etc. Place to stay and financial support is in place with the family. The getting into the US is the issue at hand.
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    Longshot question, but has anyone ever sponsored a refugee or humanitarian parolee?

    So in a nutshell, my wife wakes me up this morning by telling me she got a 3AM message from Ivanka asking if she and her kid can come here. Ok, not that Ivanka. Wife still has family in Ukraine, specifically in Lviv and just outside of Kyiv. She's been in relatively regular communication with...
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    Another what is this thread

    Looks like a 70s pornstache.
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    Ballot drop off...

    Saw something interesting yesterday so I decided to check it out. Signs around the neighborhood adjacent to me saying "Ballot Drop Box" with an arrow pointing the direction to turn. Sure enough, right in the middle of the neighborhood, a ballot drop. No security, no cameras in the area...
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    Zero-turn mowers

    Mowed for about 15 seasons as my full-time side gig. Pretty sure I had one of most commercial brands or at least demo'd one. My overall favorite was a Hustler Super Z. Everyone has their brand, my second favorite was a Bunton. My best advice, whatever brand, buy a commercial not a consumer...
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    Guys like this are a problem

    I wanna say something, but have decided not to get my BP up at the moment. I have to get diesel in the morning and only have 2 aspirin left.
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    Thoughts and prayers, Texas.

    If his final hiding spot no longer gave him access to targets, who cares how long he was in there. Secure that area and worry about clearing the rest of the building, victim assessment/evac etc. Even if the door was damn near impenetrable, I've not seen many schools that don't have drop...
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    Thoughts and prayers, Texas.

    Between engaging the shooter, searching for additional shooters/bad guys, clearing kids and staff out, searching for victims and crowd control, the need for manpower at that scene would be insane. I know it seems like having multiple agencies respond is great, but it can cause real problems...
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    How stupid can you be?

    Believe it RIDGETOP, Tenn. (WSMV) - White House Utility District warned residents to boil their water Thursday before use due to the worry of bacteria. WHUD officials said they had discovered that the City of Ridgetop Sewer Department connected a residential wastewater service line to a WHUD...
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    How stupid can you be?

    What I just read is that your morning coffee has had floater residue in it for about a month.
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    Pepsi Nitro draft

    From Pepsi: Why it exists Regular soda isn’t for everyone. It can be heavily carbonated and acidic. Meanwhile, nitro beverages may be more approachable. Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing – Pepsi, said, “While soda has been a beverage of choice for so many consumers over the past century, some...
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    Child safety

    Since we've talked a lot about child safety in another thread and social media has repeatedly come up, I'd like to offer some advice. Take it as you will, but I'll start by saying I did a nice little stint working solely crimes against children. Social media was a big player in a pretty big...
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    Daughter sick with 102.5 degree Covid fever.

    I know you said she had it previously, you didn't mention fever last time. 9 year old daughter had it with about that same fever. Fever lasted 2 days at that level, occasionally spiking, then poof, all better. Hope the same or better holds true for her. Wishing her a speedy recovery!

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