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    Best goose club in Utah?

    This is a interesting question for sure. There are some very nice clubs in the state to hunt , but most are to fun unless you like to hunt alone. Back in the early 80's there were a few guys that were in a club call R/R outdoors. We killed geese every time we went out. It was to bad the man that...
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    Hunting golf course geese will be legal

    I thought only the DWR could band waterfowl?
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    Banded 8 miles west of Coriine

    did it have a yellow band?
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    Just sayin hi!

    Jeff you need to stop biting off the duck heads. :tu
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    Hunter rescued

    That man has a Good wife to thank.:clap:clap Sometimes we do things that are not smart waterfowl hunting is something we shouldn't do alone. Remember you may thing it's no big deal if something happens it's just me, but it affects others every time.
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    Hunter rescued

    I can remember years ago before the cell phone, that you never left the parking lot if there was a 1 boat still out. :fp I know I have my name and cell # on my trailer just in case. :dv
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    My new airboat!

    Airboats are over Rated. That son of your is the real DEAL IN LIFE.:tu:tu
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    Starting time for opener

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    UWA Youth Fair

    Troy great job you guy do a great job .:tu:tu
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    Dove hunt opens on the 2nd

    One last day , no big deal to me.:tu I sick of all the BS with the big game hunts. :scratch
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    It's getting closer!! Let's see some pictures....the older the better!!!

    That 70 Blazer was the first money pit. I got it for $1,800. and put more that $3,500. into it. Let see Double shocks all-around, extra leaf spring to get a 3" lift, axles braces, 1100x15 tires white spoke rims, full roll cage, 6 aircraft landing lights, front end guard, heavy rear bumper you...
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    Waterfowl hunt changes

    I don't see a problem with the youth hunt 1 week before the general opener, as for the Duck clubs that don't want to hold a Youth Hunt is to bad. I would bet money they would hold a Youth Hunt if it was a month before the opening, some of those old guys are just spoiled.:dv When I was in a club...
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    Clint Calder, congratulations...

    The poaching was to make himself out to be a great hunter, you have to ask yourself does my lanyard look ok without all the bands. I hope he lost his hunting right for awhile.:tu

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