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    Foxpro Shockwave with rechargeable lithium battery pack.

    Foxpro Shockwave. Taken on one stand outside the house and killed the coyote that was harassing our chickens and ducks on that stand. Never left the house since. 10/10 condition with a few bonus game bird and pup distress sounds downloaded. Rechargeable Lithium Battery pack included. Asking...
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    Molt Gear, RNT, Grounds, Saunders calls FS

    For sale: Molt Gear Old Man River - Sold RNT Mondo LT S Blemished call - small blemish on the band - sold RNT Mondo LT Steel Shot / Black - hunted call, has some wear - Sold RNT Daisy Cutter Ivory - Brand new, has not been off the shelf - Sold Bill Saunders EZ7 Ash Burl / Machined Black...