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    Selling Guns in Virginia

    zzzzzzzzz. zzzzzzzzzz. I must have been sleeping, or forgot. When did we have to go through a FFL to sell/buy between friends?
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    Storing Waders Properly

    I used to hang them upside down in a cool dry place, but over the many years either I shrunk in height or the waders stretched cause they now come up to my chin. :joker
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    Chicken Coop Lightning?

    A huge chicken facility goes up in smoke. 12 Fire companies fight the blaze. At the end of the article, they list all the big chicken facilities that have had fires recently. Lots of them. Good insurance payouts and yet another excuse for egg pricing to rise. They have to stop these chickens...
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    Another jealous hunter

    Hunted a lake with a cove where some guys set up in the way back of the cove but set up a remote activated red light near our blind. As we motoredup in the dark, they activated the light thinking we’d just turn around thinking someone beat us to the spot. We built the blind, but on public...
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    Two Felons,85 Felon Charges Between Them, ….Fire Up The Wood Shredder?

    What will it take to get these Felons off the street...
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    Fireball = Fakeball

    Fireball one shot bottles contain not whisky, but a malt beverage with whisky flavoring. Big ripoff by Fireball, lawsuit in the works. I hope this blows up in Fireball’s face and they lose a lot of customers for deceiving them .
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    Good to see he's so loved

    Wow, lots of F words….eh?
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    Geraldo the Geridiot

    He believes that firearm ownership in America should be limited to antique muzzle loaders. That since the Second Amendment was written with ink and quill in the 1700’s that any firearms other than muzzle loaders should be illegal to own. Geraldo the Idiot...
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    Atlanta Shooting

    In their minds, shooting a Cop is just fun target practice with bragging rights in the Hood.
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    weapons in schools

    This country needs to have a free teaching degree program and a $50,000 bonus for retired Marines who last 5 years in the dangerous schools.
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    Your terms are acceptable

    Don’t forget potatoes who are stripped of their skins, then live boiled, their bodies then mashed into pulp, and then smothered in gravy made from animal flesh juices.
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    At least ten people killed in mass shooting in California.

    Well….it IS afterall the “Lunatic” New Year.
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    Your terms are acceptable

    PETA also should include asparagus that they chop off at the knees and let it suffocate till they then boil the last bit of life out of it and then use their teeth to decimate their bodies .
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    Killing the Cartels Bill

    A bill to “ eviscerate” the Mexican drug cartels by using our military, is being introduced by Republicans to stop the flow of Fentanyl . Lets see who votes against it...
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    Byron Donalds Blasts Joy Reid

    I like this guy: