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    Fishing 2022

    Looks like a big bullhead? Anything alive and big is whst i want for flatties, bluegills work great too! Tough as nails and stay alive,but illegal this side of river..
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    Fishing 2022

    Bait for flatheads?
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    Are you vaxxed?

    Nope . And won't.
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    A little prayer

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    A little prayer

    Dirk- was she an older dog or did she have a medical problem?
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    I’ll just leave this here

    What bar?
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    I’ll just leave this here

    What is a bloody dane?
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    I’ll just leave this here

    Cheers! In honor of Shiloh ! This one's for the pooch!
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    A little prayer

    Thoughts are with you,not the results I was expecting.sad day..
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    Biden Meeting Instructions

    81 million like minded people voted for this tard wagon..
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    I’ll just leave this here

    Dog sat for a friend last 10 days. He brought me back a gift from a friendlier state . Cheers!
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    What position did you play?

    Left field for baseball as a kid/teen.i could run fast for small bursts, catch like Buxton! But sometimes sailed the ball when throwing into infield lol. Right wing in hockey for 10 years.damn near like Gretzky.
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    Walmart theft

    Am I the only one who would enjoy being in the right place - right time and absolutely enjoy laying out one of these scumbags?
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    Oopsie..Joe Fall Down,Go Boom

    Isn't that how the left works? I mean,they only see what they want to.
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    Beavertail Blind...what to do with the trolling motor?

    Ditch the trolling motor,what's it purpose for ducks? That's just me,I alwsys have a bow mount for summer but once duck hunting is here it comes off.

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