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    Looking for a seat in a blind or blind for lease

    Good luck I've been looking since January.
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    Another trophy

    Very nice beautiful mount great looking hen scaup.
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    Desert Golf Hazard…

    Nice goats!!! all I see are Heavy's and mallards. Played from the front tees with my grandson Sat shot 74. Haha Second shot was a wedge on all par 4's. Had a 5 iron into the longest par 5. I should play up all the time.
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    I have Covid

    Big tides now you can rest. Haha
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    Wide open

    And I'm stuck at home. Nice fish!!!
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    OT: cable and Internet

    Everyone I know who switched from Comcast went back after awhile. It sucks but still the best if you watch a lot TV.
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    Bad news for clubs cont.....

    I'd be ok with that
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    Buster and Springer Lodge...have $3.9M laying around?

    Just listed in Napa last week. A 1,200 sqft home that's built in a flood plane back in the 30's. It was updated new everything. 1.6 mill I heard it sold. Hahaha
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    OT Roof Top Tents

    Heck I've been in a 30' trailer with all the Jack's tight and had the wind rocking it big time. Sure as heck wouldn't want to be on top of a truck under canvas.:l:l:l
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    How close is to close?

    If I can shoot at you and hit you with 3.5" BB's your to close.
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    How close is to close?

    I'm going to enjoy this coming refuge season. Haha. Probably be arrested the first month. Haha
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    Tangling With Tyee

    South fork Ell river Christmas run in the 60's early 70's hog kings and lots of them. 25 kings was my best day 3 over 50lbs on a junk scale. Haha. Average fish over 20lbs limit was 3 fish back then. Coming home with 75lbs of salmon was nice