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    Common but cool....

    Not so common from a week ago
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    What's Your Favorite ONE Picture of Your Dog ?

    Long time no talk John :tu Addi is steady as a rock :D....... and she picks up a ton of birds, her last 2 seasons were great!
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    What's Your Favorite ONE Picture of Your Dog ?

    Dallas, RIP Tess RIP Addi current :)
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    Doldrums. . . let's see some kids pics

    My daughter........the cheap sport :) The expensive sport :D
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    non textured hydro turf

    We have it on the swim platform on our ski boat, and it is just as sticky as the "B" grade seconds on my duck boat. Not sure how it would be with ice as that boat is long out of the water at that time.
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    Obama on the range

    Techincally you may want different chokes for doubles in trap, a more open for the first shot and tighter for the second (this is the way my Perazzi o/u was set up) Skeet has always been the same chokes, for me at least. But seeing how the "skeet shooter in chief" is probably not shooting...
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    Obama on the range

    No crossing shots in trap........that would be skeet
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    NY Senate Passes Tighter Gun Control Measures

    Background checks for purchasing ammo if I read correctly. No more duck loads from Rogers or Macks delivered to your door. This hits everyone who owns a gun, not just an AR15 :cry
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    Fast grass or Real grass ??

    Yes, it always has been
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    NH youth day

    VT youth weekend was a bit slow and wet Saturday, not alot of good pictures taken.....Sunday was a bit better :) Scouted out a hole with all mallards, nothing else, and Callon got her 4 greenheads with some nice shooting.
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    Place to stay in Saskatoon

    What he said!
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    OK Guys - Lets get a puppy update!

    A couple of neat pictures of Addi from last week off our ski boat. The underwater picture is pretty cool.....
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    OK Guys - Lets get a puppy update!

    Addi is still here, training hard and relaxing in style also. With not having snow on the ground this winter I was able to get a ton of stuff done that would of been put off until spring. She has come a long was since last fall, she is 16 months old today and topped out at a whopping 46 pounds...
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    My best friend had this done as a 70th birthday present for his dad. I can't wait to see it in person, it looks great
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    Good shedding tool

    Check on ebay, I just won an auction for a medium furminator for $6.52, came out to just over 10 bucks shipped. There are some good deals out there if you look hard enough.