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    Carry laws and laws in general on Native Indian reservations

    @igo4dux75 Crow or a different tribe?
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    Carry laws and laws in general on Native Indian reservations

    Just like the title says, just wonder how laws apply on Reservations?
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    Do anything and everything to keep your wife away from the time-share guys.
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    Californians are ruining Idaho

    Some of that spilled over into Eastern Oregon, kind of following the smile of the Snake River downstream to the Treasure Valley. I wasn't the worst, but we did our fair share of trespassing back in our high school days. I figured it as kind of a reciprocity deal, you don't kick me out and I...
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    Workplace view

    I'm envious, you've got it made.
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    For those who had Rona…

    I was working like I was 20 years younger last Saturday and then I hit a wall. I tested positive with a home test a couple hours later. I've been monitoring my BP and heart rate over the past few months. My blood pressure is about the same, but my heart rate did go up from around 75 to 80 bpm...
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    Dreaded Alpha Gal (“ Red Meat Allergy”)

    Can we send some to china?
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    So I'm Having One of Those Days

    Good luck to you. I am on my 5th day since I tested positive. It's been like a moderate head cold or mild flu. No more belly shots? I did not know. I do remember that when I was a kid, the neighbor kid (3 miles away) got bit by something that ran off into the brush, no ID and had to get the...
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    Another Caravan Is a Comming

    I have not paid much attention (no way I can afford a new JD), but I believe the union rejected John Deeres offer twice and reached a settlement maybe a few months ago. I believe it was the waterloo plant that led the way in rejecting JD's offers.
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    Who here is average?

    I'd like to see the numbers behind that number of $450. My business goes through roughly 5000 gallons of gas/year and 15,000 gallons of diesel. I'm ashamed of my carbon footprint. I would honestly like to cut that down, somehow.
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    Taps on Memorial Day

    I played taps at a Memorial Day service many years ago. Actually, I was the echo. I never served but I was honored and moved to be asked to play.
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    Top gun

    We had a rainy day and tried to go but 3 showings were sold out and the last one at 2130 was too late for me. I'm looking forward to seeing it.
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    How stupid can you be?

    It is said to have happened here. Coffee shop talk.
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    Ford 535 Backhoe ?

    I'd be concerned about parts availability
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    What Y'all Cooking?

    Not cooking but eating...I did a late run to the big city to pick up parts they left for me outside the building. Every restaurant was still overflowing with people. Drove down the road a bit and found a sandwich shop and ordered a sandwich and soup and ate inside. I was the only customer...

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