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    goose hunters josh

    Not sure if he still guides but I found him on Facebook once when I needed a answer
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    Mt. Pleasant MI

    What is the date and what is the name of your team?
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    Benelli sbe question

    They are not interchangeable.
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    under 16 waterfowl hunter

    Cool. Tanx
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    under 16 waterfowl hunter

    Ok what exactly does a duck /goose hunter under 16 in michigan need to hunt as far as stamps and licenses go with the new system?
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    Ok, just for grins and giggles

    once a week I am here
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    Betts call give away

    Sweet. Count me in please
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    2014 season dates

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    2014 season dates

    Any clue when they will be out? Seems like it's later this year for the dates to come out
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    Early Teal Season

    There is a little info on the new teal season on michigan out doors this week if anyone is interested
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    elk drawing results

    Yep. Same here. 0 out of 4 people in the house again
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    How do you guys cook em up?
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    Anybody else finding any? This has been the best year I have seen so far.
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    Betts call giveaway post up to win

    Count me in please
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    Bear and elk apps r out

    Pure hunt raffle tickets r out also and you actually have a better chance of getting a elk permit with them + some nice prizes also