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    High Summer

    The wife and I made a trip over yesterday afternoon to Ashton to do a little mousing in the rv. Caleb is back home for the week and let me know he was having trouble. It’s too hot to work in mountain home anyway. I’m sitting here at 1:50 am with the smell of peppermint oil in the air and windows...
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    High Summer

    I've seen that the south fork of the snake is pretty low when we drive by heading to Ashton. Caleb has only guided it once so far this year. He also said the Henry's fork has dropped substantially since I was there riding flows twice as high as what I had experienced in past seasons. I...
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    Whos been married the longest.

    42 years. We are together almost all the time and every day.
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    2022 eastern Idaho

    tell him to fish flavs, green drakes may happen, but not yet to any degree. The lesser green drakes, (flavs) are going good in the evenings. Very few people are fishing with them. Caddis hatches are still going and an occasional fish has been on a stage of caddis. Rusty spinners work on...
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    2022 eastern Idaho

    Sounds like a great trip. We have heard some good reports from guys fishing at the railroad ranch so far this year. We did alright on the box early, but they have been messing with the flows a lot. It's been many years since I fished the high country, but it's something I love to do. My...
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    still learning

    I grew up in a Christian family, accepted Jesus and was immersed at 11 years old. I was very active in church functions, always there every time the doors were open. I went to Bible college in Joplin, Mo. and was a youth minister during the summers. I got ordained prior to taking a preaching...
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    2022 eastern Idaho

    Just a few more photos and I'll quit for awhile. I'm back covering for Caleb's business again while he guides. I virtually got run off from Ashton by pollen. It is so lush and green over there that the pollen is overwhelming for guys like me. I had to move away from Kansas due to allergies...
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    What position did you play?

    offensive tackle, defensive end in high school. Caleb was a 4 year starter in baseball in college, played 3rd and outfield, but was there to hit.
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    Any woodworking hobbyists around?

    I never really thought of wood carving as woodworking. My dad was an industrial education teacher at our local university in eastern Kansas and had a hand in all kinds of stuff, including plastics, metal shop, auto shop and wood working. Consequently I got a pretty wide range of experience in...
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    Help Me Out Folks...

    you are probably seeing two things, one is a buff or neck gaiter, the other a long sleeve fishing sun shirt with a hood and finger holes to help the shirt cover the back of your hand. The shirts are wonderful for keeping the sun off your skin and we wear them when it's hot or cold. When it's...
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    Any woodworking hobbyists around?

    Everyone is going to need a side hustle to pay for all the increase in prices. Used to be making a few decoys for some pocket money, now it's to keep gas in the car.
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    Serious Question for parents of Millenials who have grandchildren

    I'm not sure you ever finish the course of parenting. I don't know at what age you stop and figure that you've done a good job and now your own children are raising your grandkids in an appropriate way. I don't know how many people making comments and assessments on this thread have even...
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    Workplace view

    summer view from the kitchen window of the rv 5 months of the year. The quail view from the bedroom window on the edge of Mt. Home Idaho where we live the other 7 months.
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    Summer Vacations !

    I was born in Dodge City, Ks and vacations were always colorado fishing at Trappers Lake or Skinny Fish lake. Once we moved to the farm in eastern Kansas with our own kids vacations were rare. We moved to Idaho when the kids were still pretty young we took vacations in the Stanley area of...
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    Gas Prices

    We paid $5.22 yesterday in St. Anthony before heading back to Mt. Home. Round trip for 3 days of fishing was about $140 and burned half a tank shuttling the truck and trailer ourselves to cut back on the shuttle service cost. We saved about $140 on shuttle costs and paid for our trip. We...