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Questions About Lanyards?

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I have a few questions for those of you that braid your own lanyards:

1. How do you turn the long braid into a loop and finish off the lanyard?

2. What is the best way to put extra drops on the sides of the lanyard?

3. The braids I’m using came from, are there any other good sites out there?

4. Where do you get your paracord?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!

SoldierSentenced for killing Iraqi

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BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - A U.S. soldier was sentenced to three years in prison for killing a severely wounded Iraqi teenager, the military said Saturday, while insurgents staged attacks in several cities, killing at least 10 Iraqis, including three police colonels, two Shiite clerics and a judge.

Guess now every US soldier should ask what the enemy is intending to do to him before he takes action. This is really horrible, puts our service people in more danger. What is war coming to, political correctness or what? I say if they are shooting at you shoot back and shoot until dead. Better them that us.

Having fun with the PETA thread, try this one

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try this one

Use the same email as your peta to register. these folks need help also. see you there

ACLU files lawsuit......

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Against Santa!!! says he can't discriminate between the naughty and nice.........:no :z

duck recipe

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anybody got a good recipe they would like to share.

just don't understand it.

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just read on yahoo about some soldiers being charged for murder. i thought that went along with that short word we often call "war". said a solder was looking at up to 20 yrs imprisonment.:confused: maybe some discipline should be handed down but not a sentance like that. thats insane. to me if an iraqi is willing to fight and attempt to take one of our soldiers' life, then he's fair game. i wonder what would have happened if the roles were reversed. if an iraqi had found one our soldiers wounded from fighting? i'm sure they would transport him/her to the nearest medical facility.:rolleyes: if you disagree with me that's fine but do one thing for me. go to Google and look up Beheading Video's. follow the links and watch one........then see what you think.


Rice breast

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What is the tech term for rice breast in ducks?

I need trap tag requirement info.

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I know that some of you trap too.
I have a bad situation here and I need help to prevent me from being victimized any more than I already have been.

I have a deal where someone went to one of my stops and removed all of my tags.

I honestly think the CO did it, but can not prove it yet. Probably never will.

Anyway, I need reasons and circumstances to cite as evidence that the tag requirement is flawed.

It is already clear that with the tag requirement, that it is easy to set someone up for a charge that they can not possibly defend themself of.

I need true stories of where this law has been proven to be a liability to honest trappers like us.

I also need links to where antis have stated to do this.

This is not an attempt to start a debate on dirty cops.
I encourage any COs who are honest to add your input.

Assault weapon watch!!

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Please, help the children!! :dv
Assault Weapon Watch

Visit their FAQ's!

Digital Binoculars & Spotting Scopes

GPS HELP... For my brother in the army.

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Ok, my brother has asked for a Garmin GPS unit for Christmas. He is in the army and part of the reason he wants this is he does not like the units they have. He is in the artillery. My Mom asked me to pick out an appropriate one, and I don't know which one to get. Since this is a potential life saving item, my parents want to get whatever the really good one is. If someone who is familiar with these products could go to Garmin's website to look at them and post a link to the product page that would be good or give a model number I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!


ps- I posted this on the Texas Forum but figured that I would get a bigger response here so I doubled up. I apologize for the double post...

Good advice for stay at home dads!

Peta boards...

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Guys you need to check the peta boards out for a good laugh. BE SURE to ask about "Bonsai Kittens" what ever they are...I thought it would be funny to post pics of MY PUPPY...Show your lab with a sad look on his face...Then with a duck in his mouth...Then with a big smile on his face after the retrieve:dv

Then listen to them discuss how we "forced" the dog to retrieve the duck...:l

Birthdays for 12/10

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Happy Birthday mossberg835 , hbgreene , KOB , 3-1/2in.steel , COLLIN222 , Tim Hearn , callin'coop , SUMMER SNOW , BEME46 , Hevi , beagle777 , duckswanman , Joe Kain , david troester , doveandteal , baloo , Rich Baker , Super Duck , Clint Taylor & jesse63b
Have a great day!!:tu

I've always wondered...

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What it would be like to hunt ducks with one of these...


Or what about one of these?:dv


I've often thought about what the other guys in the marsh would think when they saw me roll up in one of these bad boys!:eek: :l



Ok Northen Brethern.....

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Time to fuel up the dump trucks and start dumping corn..the ioway season in the north zone just closed so we might as well do our part to short stop before the southerners shoot all the ducks!!!!

Ducks unlimtied just donated 400 dump trucks!!

Let's roll!!!!!!

A few pics from our early split of Goose season ..........

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we have a split season here in SE Pennsylvania ............ actually a three way split if you count the early resident bird season in September .............. I usually chase teal and doves in September though are think about HONKERS in November .............. our AP population split is a 12 bird season from Nov. 15 until Nov. 27 .............. which holds a three (3) bird limit ............ and then it opens again on Dec. 14th and runs clean til Jan. 20 th ............. again a three (3) bird limit ................ November is great here in this corner of the State because most of our fields are freshly cut and the farmers are glad to see us .................

here's a few pics from our early hunts

Decoy carts?

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Anybody use the Mallard River decoy cart or know anybody that has one? I was thinking about getting one and need some input as to durability and stability.
Thanks in advance.

Boating Accident

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This happened a few weeks ago so I'm not sure if it has been posted. Either way, river rats take note.

Man dies in boating accident

LINDA N. WELLER, The Telegraph 11/25/2004

WEST ALTON -- A St. Louis duck hunter apparently drowned Wednesday after his johnboat tipped over, dumping him into the choppy, frigid Mississippi River at Lincoln Shields Recreation Area.

John W. Cox, 56, died at 12:12 p.m. at Saint Anthony’s Health Center emergency room in Alton without regaining consciousness, despite attempts to resuscitate him.

Medical personnel said Cox had been in the cold water about 15 minutes; at that time, the air temperature in Alton was 37 degrees.

The Madison County Coroner’s Office said Cox’s death was a "possible drowning."

An autopsy was planned for Wednesday night at the Madison County Morgue in Wood River to determine the exact cause of death.

Assistant Chief Brad Sweetman of the Alton Fire Department said Cox and his friend, Tom Peters, also...

ducks in the feild??

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what are some of youre guys methods to harvesting ducks in the feilds. lots of decoys, little calling or alot.....???

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