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  1. Scobrey

    Longshot question, but has anyone ever sponsored a refugee or humanitarian parolee?

    So in a nutshell, my wife wakes me up this morning by telling me she got a 3AM message from Ivanka asking if she and her kid can come here. Ok, not that Ivanka. Wife still has family in Ukraine, specifically in Lviv and just outside of Kyiv. She's been in relatively regular communication with...
  2. Scobrey

    Ballot drop off...

    Saw something interesting yesterday so I decided to check it out. Signs around the neighborhood adjacent to me saying "Ballot Drop Box" with an arrow pointing the direction to turn. Sure enough, right in the middle of the neighborhood, a ballot drop. No security, no cameras in the area...
  3. Scobrey

    Child safety

    Since we've talked a lot about child safety in another thread and social media has repeatedly come up, I'd like to offer some advice. Take it as you will, but I'll start by saying I did a nice little stint working solely crimes against children. Social media was a big player in a pretty big...
  4. Scobrey

    Thanks Fedex

    Stayed home today due to the wife expecting a coffee table delivery. Windows are open and a crew is working on the sidewalk right outside. Over that I hear thump....thump... over and over. I look out to see the Fedex guy rolling a 4.5'x2.5'x8" 79# package end over end up the front steps. The...
  5. Scobrey

    Was reported to police as an active shooter while hunting...

    Yesterday I was goose hunting along with two other club members along the Front Range here in Colorado. In an area with hunting leased all around in every direction. The field we were in is just under 300 acres, surrounded on 3 sides by ag fields of roughly the same side. The remaining side...
  6. Scobrey

    Colorado bound

    My wife and kids moved out last summer, I'm headed out next year. Building a house in the Frederick/Mead area. Not looking to internet scout or ask for anyone's spots by any means. Any suggestions on a club to look into would be appreciated. Also, is there any public land worth getting...
  7. Scobrey

    Jack plate fo xpress 5

    Im trying to decide between a 4 or 6 inch setback. Boat is an xpress1650 HJ, motor is a 40 merc with a possible tohatsu 50 purchase next year. I’m planning on buying from vance mfg. Any experience with the same setup would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Scobrey

    Burst line on Mercury 40

    Had a small line burst on my 2001 Merc 40. It's on the starboard side, appears to be plastic with metal fitting that goes into the block. Hard to see in a pic, under the wiring harness just to the rear of the starter. Any ideas on what I'm looking at?
  9. Scobrey

    40 Merc question

    Having a problem with my 2001 Merc 40. After running for almost the exact same amount of time on 3 trips in a row it suddenly loses power and shuts down. When trying to re-start, the starter seems to have trouble turning and on one occasion could not turn the motor over for several minutes...
  10. Scobrey

    Xpress 1650HJ

    Just picked up an 01 express 1650 HJ with a 40 mercury tiller. Overall I love the setup, but it seems a bit sluggish out of the hole. I've searched and am leaning towards a jack plate, which I have no experience with. Am I looking in the right direction? Any suggestions appreciated.