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  1. Rainem

    Fast Solo hunt

    Killed a limit of drake mallards and woodies in the first 20 some minutes. I guess the planets lined up just right for me this morning.
  2. Rainem

    Long line shy birds

    During the late season we move to the big river after ducks. Normally the water depth is anywhere from 20-30 foot deep. So long lines is the norm. Only problem we have noticed is that it doesn't take birds long to realize having all your ducks in a row in not a safe bet. Any suggestions on how...
  3. Rainem

    Boat blinds

    I'm sure there is a thread somewhere in here about boat blinds. But... I'm wanting to do away with the scissor blind I have on my boat. Is anyone willing to share what they have and how they made it. I saw one on a YouTube video by Freelance duck hunting that I really like but apparently it's a...
  4. Rainem

    Not waterfowl

    I drew a controlled hunt in the Urbana wildlife refuge on opening day. We ended up with 9 of 10. I shot one and the dogs couldn't find the bird.
  5. Rainem

    SX Decoys

    Anyone us SX decoys? Just wondering how the detail is and how the paint holds up?
  6. Rainem

    New to call making.

    I've always wanted to get into call making. Finally broke the ice and bought a small lathe. I am still having trouble with the insert in getting the sound I like. But I sure can turn out a barrel . For now I've found a couple companies that make inserts besides Echo. Nothing wrong with Echo just...
  7. Rainem

    First bird of the year

    The area I hunt doesn't get alot of ducks. The early season is time to fill the freezer with woodies and teal. We do see a few different species during the late season but not many that differ from mallards blacks, and gadwall. This bird today was a special bird to start the season with...
  8. Rainem

    Swimmers or spinners

    Im not a big fan of spinners. I would rather use water motion such as swimmers. What's you thoughts on the two?
  9. Rainem

    Homer magnum mallards

    Here are some Homer magnum mallads I painted up. I flocked the heads in the drakes and added plastic eyes to the drakes.
  10. Rainem

    My first Canvasback

    Finished up my first Canvasback
  11. Rainem

    Homer Decoys

    Been working on some Homers this summer. Im going to add some more mallers and blacks to the spread. Maybe some hooded mergansers too. I think it will be fun hunting over these.
  12. Rainem

    Slotted decoy bags

    My girlfriend got me these from her work. They were going to throw them away. 15 slots. I guess that free is better any day.
  13. Rainem

    Foam decoys

    Do any of you buy blanks from say Homer or any other foam companies and paint and resell?
  14. Rainem

    Mallard/Black cross

    Do mallard/black duck crosses seem to be becoming more common? This is the 3rd in 2 years we have killed.
  15. Rainem

    Patternmaster choke

    I recently bought a patternmaster code black goose. I love the patterns I get out if this choke. I shoot Winchester drylok 3"#2 with great performance. I was at my local gun shop looking to pick up a few boxes of shell to finish the season with,but all they had was black cloud with the new...
  16. Rainem

    Hocking river valley.

    The area is dead, scouting and hunting trips has produced nothing but a handful of birds. Sure wish we would get a good weather push and send some birds down this way.
  17. Rainem


    A week ago I was finally able to scratch a bird off my duck hunting bucket list. Over 30 years of waterfowl hunting and I was able to collect a beautiful drake canvasback. Now onto the pintails.
  18. Rainem

    New member

    Hi all, I'm a new member here. I live is southeast Ohio. Not really a great waterfowl location but we make due with what we have. Been hunting waterfowl for 30+ years. Nice to meet you all looking forward to being here.