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  1. H20DAD

    Red pilled America

    This is the name of a podcast I just learned about. Just listened to “the long con” about how npr and pbs got to be so liberal. Interesting listen.
  2. H20DAD

    Waterfowl survey blog 2022?

    Can’t seem to find any posts or info on the waterfowl surveys this year. Are they cancelled again?
  3. H20DAD

    I don’t mean to cause panic, but there is a serious shortage of….

    this liquid gold. Costco no longer carries it, went to four Publix and had to ask a manager. There is one store that had 12 and one with half a case. Otherwise south Florida is barren of the stuff. I got a 6-12 month supply here. Hope none of you guys suffer too much without it. Hope my kindness...
  4. H20DAD

    Yet another reason to go to war with Canada and liberate its provinces. We could call it euthanasia of evil people who are against freedom and provide it for free.
  5. H20DAD

    Best conversation of the day, so far

    Just sat down with one of our recent physician assistant grads and she was talking about how she was flying to Morocco and just realized Morocco was in Africa. (This isn’t the good part.) My immediate response was, “I can tell how you voted in the last presidential election.” She fluttered in...
  6. H20DAD

    Note to self….

    Don’t open any threads from the our Kansas forum.
  7. H20DAD

    Benjamin Franklin - Ken burns

    It is playing on my local pbs next week. Looking forward to it.
  8. H20DAD

    Things that send shivers up your spine The stab in the back is real.
  9. H20DAD

    The state of things.

    I have a 9 yo truck, brought it in for a new oil leak to the local Toyota dealer. Sat down with the sales guy to discuss a new tundra and he could only find trucks that just wouldn’t fit my needs. Expect to wait 6-8 months he said. I expected this and wasn’t surprised. But this is a pretty...
  10. H20DAD

    Thinking outside the box

    I’ve been thinking about a lot of things related to our time in history and the current military conflict. Am I the only one wondering about women in combat? We live in a “woke” time but women and children are being evacuated from Ukraine and men expected to stay and fight. Yes, I’ve seen...
  11. H20DAD

    Let’s get morbid here….

    Let’s get morbid here….
  12. H20DAD

    I have figured out the new format….

    The thing that matters now is the reaction score divided by the messages ratio. If it is greater than one you are a forum master, greater than 2 you are a legend…. I’ll give you a hint, the arms dealer is legend. And if you are less than .25 you need to up your game or you are a troll….
  13. H20DAD

    Crawfish, bear with me on this….

    My 8 yo son is crazy about crawfish. Not just eating them, but catching them, doing what 8 yo boys do with crawfish. I have seen on tv where guys run around in their boats emptying traps, rebaiting them, and such. Are there any guys who offer to take people along to experience this? Not...
  14. H20DAD

    Are you guys missing this Baldwin humor?

    He didn’t pull the trigger or point the gun at anyone, lmao.
  15. H20DAD

    New Boots

    Thought you guys might like this. Got my custom boots back from Texas today from my 12’4” gator from last year. I like them.
  16. H20DAD

    Who else is at the point they hope they survive 2021?

    2020 was a dramatic pain in the butt, however didn’t know anybody who died or any people in my small chain of work or friend acquaintances who died. This year people are dropping like flies. Add to that we are seeing tons of 20,30,40 yo with terminal cancer diagnoses. Not even halfway in...
  17. H20DAD

    First one of the season.

    Should have been on the plant for another couple of weeks, but the weight and some wind caused it to fall over and snap at the base. It should still be sweeter than any store bought once it gets fully ripe. The house smells like pineapple, should be ready Friday or Saturday.
  18. H20DAD

    Riddle me this….

    I’m ready to hear your conspiracy theories but I’m honestly perplexed. This is a seriously minor thing but I’m curious as to why. I’m a pretty serious minimalist and tight wad. I have found a knife I liked at ikea called skalad that cost $1.59 and came with a little plastic sheath. Love using...
  19. H20DAD

    Deer scouting

    I found em.

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