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    Dive Bomb decoys

    Their “great product” is cartoonish as hell, and you can buy a very similar one from big Al while also supporting a US made product. My gripe against db is that they gave every idiot the opportunity to buy 10 dozen silos for $500. While they can’t call at all, don’t hide well, pass shoot at 50...
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    First single reed

    I run a cwf but the only other duck call to me that comes close to taking it off my lanyard is a hybrid.
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    737 vs. Molt gear

    MG rush or reflex and don’t look back.
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    Juvie Hatch

    I think it lined up perfectly. After we had a few cold fronts to halt their migration I personally think the adults and juvies got mixed in. As the adults couldn’t push and the juvies were coming regardless. And once they got here, they just so happen to get basically a whole week of south winds...
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    Conservation season

    Quick spring for us but made the most of it.
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    2022 Spring Snow Goose Reports

    We are stuck twirling our thumbs. Had some good numbers until last Saturday. After that it’s been a dead zone everywhere I’ve looked. My group isn’t sure if we should be waiting on a stacked juvie push to the south, or if they rode the full moons and a week of warm weather. We’ll see what...
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    How to Make Home-ECaller Step by Step

    Bumping an old thread. Would anyone have a suggestion for a good “box” or outdoor speaker that they have had success with? Wanting to get away from an all horn setup, and placing them more strategically.
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    Banded as a juvie in 2021 with a laurel band, over 3200 miles from where it was banded. We couldn’t believe it ended up in our flyway.
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    Been a good spring so far. 68 and a leg band from Alaska.
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    New banding study.

    Iowa also did black bands this year. I know several people who have shot them this past fall. As others have said they think targeting of silver aluminum bands is skewing harvest data.
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    new goose call

    Molt gear reflex or rush. I tried a Saunders dark side I didn’t care for it and neither did anyone else I hunt with. Want to try the BSCC line but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
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    Ol Man River Molt Gear

    Couple buddies have them. I thought it took way too much air to blow. Could have been the specific call though. Run his goose calls, but I’ll stick with my CWF.
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    I’ll throw a Saunders dark side in there.
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    Boys went out and crunched them today while I was working. Probably a wrap on the season for me. Way way worse than last year, but a lot of good hunts were had!
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    Continuing to scrape birds out but man I’d give a lot for about 6 inches of snow right now.
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    Put a few specks in the bag last weekend. Seen a few good sized groups of snows migrating. Might be a sad finish to the year.
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    Any Tips For Fixing A Sticking Call

    Stump I have a CWF that absolutely runs like none other. But seems like when I set it down it tends to lock up on me recently. Could just be cold temps but is there something I can change in my calling technique to fix this? Willing to send videos. Thanks!
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    Thankful to have ice eaters running in several spots. But from what I’ve seen we are lacking severe numbers compared to where we should be in a normal year. Can’t kill ‘em at home.
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    Cold, froze, and very few birds. Looks like I’ll be heading to central and south zone to wrap up the year.
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    Duck hunting.....2 calls, what are they?

    I only need one duck call on my lanyard. CWF for me.

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