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    Serious Question for parents of Millenials who have grandchildren

    I too feared the Wooden Spoon! Perhaps that is why I am a law-abiding citizen!
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    Mr Bill's boat rides again

    If you have any problems with that old Evinrude check out LeeRoy's Ramblings website. Those are great engines and LeeRoy gives very comprehensive advice on repairing and maintaining.
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    Eastern shore of va traffic lawyer recomendations

    So BigDrumNC..what was the outcome of this (years ago)?
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    Dealing with Insurance Bait-And-Switch.

    Thanks for lots of good input/information/observations given. I had a good discussion with my current agent (who is a Broker). She didn't have any good answers as to why the Premium went up almost twice as much as the Coverage Limits. But she did check with 3 other underwriters --and all were...
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    Dealing with Insurance Bait-And-Switch.

    This burns my butt. Just got my annual Homeowners Invoice... our Premium is going from $586 to $671. Of course I understand that, like most areas in the US, our Home Value has appreciated during past year. But this Premium increase seems out of line--like price gouging customers who are asleep...
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    1996 9.9 Johnson?

    On some OMC years both the carburetor and the Exhaust must be modified, carburetor alone doesn't work properly.
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    I drink only 4 cups (as measured in the coffee carafe) first thing in the morning, definitely not after 10am. Otherwise although I have no problem falling asleep, but I will wake up around 3am, unable to go back to sleep. I heard some scary details about how long caffeine stays in your body...
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    ShotKam--best and worst place(s) to buy.

    Great info... answered my questions quite well. I am not interested in videoing hunts so Shotkam will be fine capturing the shot for me. Thanks DMC !
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    ShotKam--best and worst place(s) to buy.

    Anybody know if in 100 frames/second HD mode are steel BB shot visible at 35 yards? How about #3 steel at 35 yards?
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    ShotKam--best and worst place(s) to buy.

    Thanks JFG. I would be really mad to end up with video that is hardly worth looking at. YOLO!
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    Do you get attacked by trash pandas?

    Dog proof trap or live trap followed immediately by a Swimming Lesson at nearest body of water (or trash can filled with water). Older coons may be trap shy of the live trap, fix this with a thick layer of dirt or sand in trap bottom. They don't like the feel of walking on the wire mesh.
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    ShotKam--best and worst place(s) to buy.

    Justin, thanks for sharing your experience--it certainly gives food for thought. For around $100 the Tactacam is undoubtedly a fairly good solution especially for improving skill on the trap/skeet/sporting clays range. But I need all the help I can get to improve my skills in the marsh or...
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    ShotKam--best and worst place(s) to buy.

    Thanks everybody--good input...
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    ShotKam--best and worst place(s) to buy.

    I am looking to buy a ShotKam. No I am not going to go cheap and buy the Ablebro even though I am sorely tempted by the $99 price point and mouth-watering description in Ablebro's online ad: "Record your wonderful actions and splendid moments" . Tacticam also doesn't have the features I believe...
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    Oregon Cougar Camp

    Thanks for the detail. Just looking at maps I am not too surprised given the wilderness areas near Medford. Also Medford is not too far from Grants Pass where the guy apparently was getting after a bear around his house, accidently shot/killed his brother then turned the gun on himself. Sad...
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    Oregon Cougar Camp

    What town was this near?
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    Royal Reds

    Visited a cousin in Gulf Shores a couple years back. He served us some Royal Reds. I think they were not deveined. Best shrimp I ever had, and I lived last 15 years at NC coast, ate plenty of shrimp I caught or bought. Royal Reds are truly mini lobsters...
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    Chinese women's curling team

    That would be my guess too...used to call that "co-generation" when a large manufacturing plant generated its own power on-site...
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    Chinese women's curling team

    I had the same question about the cooling towers. Growing up in a steel town I never saw any towers resembling those ones in Beijing. Summers I was a roofer at the Mills. Worked around coke ovens, blast furnaces, rolling Mills, bar and rod operations, etc. Giant crucibles of molten metal that...