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  1. Kornfed

    Can’t be…

    Checked entryexpress for upcoming hunt test in Calif. Nothing scheduled through the year.
  2. Kornfed


    Pulled the trigger on a 2020 warlock. Traded in my f150. Night and day from my Ford. Gonna take awhile to get used to.
  3. Kornfed

    This wind

    Blows! Been windy for damn near 2 months straight. Can’t fish, try to do yard work and crap is blowing in my face. Wash my truck and 2hrs later it’s covered in a nice sheen of dust. Where the hell is all this wind during duck season?!? That is all, just had to bitch a little.
  4. Kornfed

    Stars In The Sky

    Just watched it on Netflix. It’s a good one.
  5. Kornfed

    How many days a week…

    do you train?
  6. Kornfed


    Are kicking my arse. Come home exhausted but can only manage to get 2-3 hours of sleep. It’s getting old.
  7. Kornfed

    Federal blue box

    Ordered a case of them 1&1/4 #2 3 in. Always liked the red box, but it seems like they’re pretty rare these days. What kinda combos are you running them through? Likes and dislikes appreciated.
  8. Kornfed

    One of the better ones…

    Best cover I’ve seen from em in a long time.
  9. Kornfed

    The Ocean

    Used to live in Capitola. Surfed every day, we always new the whites were there, just prayed to never come across one. This guy didn’t have a chance.
  10. Kornfed

    Today’s rock n roll

    Sucks. Driving home last night and damned if I could find a decent station to play some real music. Ended up popping in a stones cd. Listened to two of the best opening riffs of all time, IMO.
  11. Kornfed

    I like tacos

    Like to fix up my birds in a variety of ways as to not burn out the family. Tacos tonight.
  12. Kornfed

    Eff the cowboys

    That is all…
  13. Kornfed


    What the hell is up with today’s commercials. Too many to bitch about, but that Taco Bell one really bugs me. Had to get it out…
  14. Kornfed

    Blue wing or Cinnamon?

    Shot her on Saturday. First one if so, in forty plus years of hunting. Put her in a ziplock and to the freezer she went, just in case she is a bwt.
  15. Kornfed

    Good as it gets…

    Time of the year. Waterfowl season, the holidays and all the good eating. I’ll watch these damn Christmas movies all day. Life is good…
  16. Kornfed

    My First…

    I think. 40 plus years of duck hunting and never have bagged a bwt. I’m thinking I got one, but, thinking it could be a hen cinnamon. What do you guys think?
  17. Kornfed

    Snow in September

    Took some snow geese breast outta the freezer and grilled em up. A little grub before the raider beat down.
  18. Kornfed

    Different times

    Guess a purse is the new sled
  19. Kornfed

    Met his match

    Pulled up, looked across to neighbors and saw the killer Rocco chasing a turkey. ***…
  20. Kornfed


    Took a ride up to Wishon yesterday, first time I’ve been up since last summer just before the fire. Damn depressing. At times I had no idea where I was, but I knew exactly where I was. I’m never gonna see it the way it was in my years left on earth.

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