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  1. Curt Gibson

    duck calls

    Zink XR 2
  2. Curt Gibson

    Learning… anybody else get the book?

    Looks interesting!! Where did you buy it ?
  3. Curt Gibson

    The last liberal season for at least 5 years.

    Haha I get that same thing
  4. Curt Gibson

    North American dream hunt

    Alaska sea ducks and Brant for me !!!
  5. Curt Gibson

    Bark collar

    Needing a bark collar and would like to hear what people are using ? Thanks
  6. Curt Gibson

    What causes a front truck tire to wear like this?

    That is definitely an alignment issue !!!
  7. Curt Gibson

    Do you enjoy rainbows?

    Those are great pictures!!!
  8. Curt Gibson

    Money burning a hole in your pocket?

    The cabin for me !!
  9. Curt Gibson

    Couple interesting birds

    Looks great
  10. Curt Gibson

    Prayer Request

    Sorry to hear !!
  11. Curt Gibson

    Switching from puppy food?

    Thats where my pup came from too !!! Still have her on the PP as well with no issues.
  12. Curt Gibson

    After season projects

    Looks good
  13. Curt Gibson


    Two cups and done ✔️
  14. Curt Gibson


    Did it for 5 years and hated it !! Always felt half sick!!
  15. Curt Gibson

    Brant ?

    Anyone ever hunt for Brant ? Looking to check one off the list this season !!!
  16. Curt Gibson

    You are looking… LIVE

    Cant beat that !!!
  17. Curt Gibson

    Black ducks

    Mainly wanting to shoot a blacks but wouldnt mind checking others off the list as well !!!
  18. Curt Gibson

    Black ducks

    Looking for some info on the top places to shoot black ducks ? Will most likely use a guide so any recommendations on those would be appreciated!!! Thanks

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