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    seder meal

    fellas and Gals have anyone here participated in a Sader Meal - if so do you remember the number of glasses of wine drank? - there is a reason behind the question
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    essential doctrines of Christianity

    What are the essential doctrines of Christianity? what is required? what is not required? and what beliefs would disqualify you from being a Christian
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    Interpretations of various passages - Not translations

    First my apologies for not being completely clear in a previous thread. Why do different Christians interpret different passages differently -- for example John 6: 35- 71 - If Jesus is not being literal then why doesn't he say " hey I'm just talking symbol here - don't leave, come back -...
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    Why are there so many Christian denominations and only one Bible?

    Very curious as to your thoughts - are there multiple interpretations? and if so - how do you know which one is correct? why is one "better than another?"
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    three wise men?

    the X-mas thread got me thinking - how do we know there were three wise men? - where is it stated? I only know it from the song - just curious
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    From the Apostles to the Bible

    I heard something yesterday day that really got me thinking. the apostles passed down the way of Jesus through their actions - widespread Scripture was not readily available in written form until the 4th century - sure the gospels were written but you could not run down to the copy shop and get...
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    Meg and Rip longer retrieves

    Here are a couple of longer retrieves - this is right before dark and the cameraman ( me) sucks - she does do doubles fairly close together but wanted to get this in before dark set in - she does most of her training in the moring - her first dog and she is doing 100% of the training
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    Force Fetch - Meg and Rip - taking baby steps

    here is a "progress" video of Meg and Rip - He will easily retrieve two bumpers out to 70-80 yards as part of his regular training, which is separate from his force fetch training. Slow and steady with baby steps -
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    Force Fetch training - by a new Lab owner

    Her first dog ever - the ONLY training I helped with was the first hold lesson - she has done everything else - she is way better than I ever was - she is so incredibly patient - this was about the 4th or 5th day of the ear pinch sequence - she is holding the ear but did not need to pinch it
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    Blind suggestion or decoy placement

    I have access to a about 135 acres of bottom land. 60% is flooded and varies in depth from 1/2 foot - 4 1/2 feet deep. 80% has light weed growth in the water. the water closest to the levy is free from weeds and runs about 60 yrds wide by 200 yds long I have ablind build on the levy and put...
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    Varmint gun and rounds

    looking for opinions on the best varmit gun AND round for yotes that will do the least amount of damage to the hide. thanks
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    can it be done

    I have access to a pond that hold/attracts a few ducks one end is shallow and has some grass- can i "seed" anything in the water this spring food wise to attract more ducks
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    Why so many denominations?

    Why are there so many different christian denominations? what is the main reason for the division..
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    Bible Verse/ Who's right?

    Lets say by coinsidence that all pastors within a 15 mile radius chose to give a sermon on the same verse(s) but they all interput the verses different and give a different message based on their interpatation. Are they all right? are some right? Who decides what is right? how do we know the...
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    what would you do

    You are in your goose blind a flock comes in and your party shoots three geese they fall 20, 50 and 100yds away. you send your dog on the 100yd retrieve and another flock is looking your way. (dog is now about 75 yds away-has not yet picked up the goose yet) Do you stop your dog and have him lie...
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    OK sportsman show

    Did any of you guys/gals have the opportunity to attend the sportsman show and see the deminstration put on by the dog handlers? if so what did you think? I think there was a retreiver, pointer and some fuzzy faced dog.
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    I have noticed this past weekend that my Kurzhaar is/or has become a howler. My wife said he does this every once in a while. I really do not have aproblem with it. I tell him to stop and he does. I guess I am curious as to the reason. I have just never had a dog do this before in the Kennel
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    Pheasant hunting

    I am asking for advise from the veterans . I hunt mid to western KS I have myself and one GSP who does a desent job of finding birds. The tracts I hunt are qtr section to a whole section of mostly CRP grass tall and thick. my question is what is the best way to hunt this type of cover. I got...
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    Linn Cty

    Are there any ducks in Linn County? the place is a couple miles north of Meadville. and about 6-7 miles north of fountain Grove wildlife area
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    Stealth 1200 or 2000?

    Which one do I get? I weight 230# son weighs 90 and dog weighs 60 . I want to be able to hunt out of it. in shallow water 6" to 4ft. Where is the best place to get the best price?

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