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  1. VT Duck Guy

    Pretty blonde hen

    Hunting partner managed to get this yesterday on the last day of the VT season. Not quite as "blonde" as others I have seen (or shot), but I think it looks better. Thought you would enjoy the pictures.
  2. VT Duck Guy

    Nice little hunt with the daughter

    Well I just got back from Saskatchewan on Monday morning and am trying to catch up on things around the house, my daughter comes home from school and wants to go goose hunting. OK, no problem we will go up the road where there has been a bunch of canadas going in all week.....along with one...
  3. VT Duck Guy

    VT Youth Turkey Weekend

    My daughter and I didn't go hunting.............but we did go on a 14 hour road trip and ended up with this :D (not the dumb cat :nutz) "Addi" she is a Cedarwood puppy from Maine
  4. VT Duck Guy

    VT Zone Changes?????

    From Bill Crenshaw and going to the F&W board. There is a map also, but I can not get it to post...... Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department Waterfowl Zone Boundary Change - 2011 BACKGROUND: Guidelines for state waterfowl zone boundaries are regulated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife...
  5. VT Duck Guy

    Dick's Sporting Goods kids hunting clothing sale

    Guys (and gals) I went down to the local Dicks sporting goods yesterday with my daughter and came away with a heck of a deal. They had youth size waterproof/breathable insulated bibs and jackets in camo on sale. (their Field and Stream brand) Starting price $49.99 each 50% off on the rack...
  6. VT Duck Guy

    Nice East Coast Barrows

    Had a nice visitor to the decoys this morning on Champlain :grvn We have been getting one just about every year, towards the end of the season. This was shot by one of my hunting partners (who also shot one the last day of the 2008 season)
  7. VT Duck Guy

    Nice little shoot this morning

    Cant always get a couple of nice drake common mergansers!! Oh yeah :eek: All VT banded birds, geese were 2007, 2009 and ducks were this summer. They really have not pushed south in any numbers yet.
  8. VT Duck Guy

    Lake Champlain Proposals

    Just got back from the meeting in Whitehall NY, another meeting in Burlington tomorrow night (wednesday). Bill's proposals Lake Champlain zone Ducks- open 10/6-10/10, reopen 10/23-12/16 (6 per day) Canadas- open 10/20 for 45 straight days (3 per day) Brant-10/6-11/24 (2 per day) Snows-...
  9. VT Duck Guy

    Anyone Interested in a Bankes Freedom?

    Just posted it up for my hunting partner, and posted it here because the classified pages turn over way too fast.
  10. VT Duck Guy

    Mallard/Black Hybrid By Shane Smith

    My buddy was up in Vermont over Thanksgiving, and shot this beautiful mallard/black hybrid on Lake Champlain. He sent it down to Shane and now it is on its way back north. Great job :tu
  11. VT Duck Guy

    Not A Diver, But Kudos To Shane Smith

    I posted a picture of my buddies mallard/black hybrid over Thanksgiving, it was in my post of the "neck collared merganzer" the one with the seal from a canning jar over its head. Well he sent it down to Shane, and now it is on its way back north. Before After Stefan asys...
  12. VT Duck Guy

    Trophy Merganser...Neck Collar!!

    Well, somehow a common merganser ended up in the boat this morning, shot by a friend who will not be named. We got back to the boat launch and were pulling the birds out of the boat and something caught my eye :scratch This is what I saw So I start moving some feathers around and see...
  13. VT Duck Guy

    2009 VT Youth Deer Weekend

    Took the weekend off from duck hunting to bring my 9 year old daughter out for youth deer season. This is her second year going deer hunting, and last year she was lucky enough to kill a 132 lb. doe. Sunday morning was much like last year, we were watching a large field and at 6:25 a single...
  14. VT Duck Guy

    SK Licence Question

    I just ordered my licence over the phone, and the lady informed me that starting this year anyone born after Jan. 1 1971 (exactly 9 months before my birthday) needs to carry a copy of a completed hunters saftey course in the field. I mean I completed this course here 28 years ago, and all you...
  15. VT Duck Guy

    Last Day Green On Champlain...And A Bonus

    Last day on Lake Champlain (NY/VT) alot of green and a little purple ;) Sorry about the "other" green headed duck. This is the third mature drake Barrows we have killed on the lake in the last 4 years.
  16. VT Duck Guy

    Look what Champlain gave up!

    Look what we found on the lower end of Champlain yesterday :bow And don't say common hen :eek:
  17. VT Duck Guy

    Eider Experts

    Is it what I think it is? Buddy killed it this morning on the southern end of Lake Champlain in Vermont over a mallard rig. Had a positive ID as an eider on the way in, but when the dog came back the bird was about the size of a hen mallard and then the "hump" on the bill. Definatly a juvie...
  18. VT Duck Guy

    Bag Depot question

    Anybody know if the bag depot is still in business? I have been trying to order a couple more 12 slot bags, but the credit card page is screwed up and there is no answer on the phone??? Thanks
  19. VT Duck Guy

    Phowler Extreme hard side boat build

    I was looking for a good all weather blind for my new 1760 Phowler Exterme with a 36 Pro-Drive w/FPR, I have had scissor blinds in the past along with others, and they all had some down fall to them. In the north we run the heaters alot when it gets cold and we tend to carry a good bunch of...
  20. VT Duck Guy

    Lund boat and blind for sale

    Guys I just reposted my Lund for sale in the classifides. I would really like to move it soon, and local seems to have the best chance. Might even be able to work on the price a bit more, for someone who is serious. It is a great duck killing rig and has served me well on Lake Champlain...

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