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    Conservation season

    Quick spring for us but made the most of it.
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    Enjoyed the cold front

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    For the sneak boat hunters

    If you could pick one sneak boat brand to run what would you pick? Me and my buddy are seriously debating going this route with the continued low water we have faced the last few falls. I understand the limitations of these set ups. But I want to find the most capable one. So what are you taking...
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    Bobby guys latest

    Hadn't seen any other post yet here and he’s getting drug through the mud on Facebook and Instagram so figured I’d throw this out. Skip to the 3:20 mark in this video. What an absolute embarrassment to the sport. When a dog breaks that’s an instant guns up nobody is shooting for my group. What a...
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    Rod/reel combos

    Figured I needed more off season hobbies so I’m jumping into fishing until goose season rolls around. I’m fishing small rivers (20-50 yards wide) mostly and just walking the banks. I’ve had some success catching small mouth walleyes and mostly ~25” pike but snapped my rod (cheap pflueger...
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    First season

    This is my first fall working with a dslr. Finally connected on a few images I really like. I think I hit most of them with my ISO too high. I’m really green so suggestions are welcomed. I also have no idea on post processing so I took a shot in the dark there. Enjoy!
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    Laying out in beans?

    Anybody ever have any success laying out in their decoys in a bean field? I have hunted this field from a fence row with layout blinds and landed birds @ 30 yards but I’m being greedy, and enjoy the challenge and would rather have them at 5-10 yards in my face. Was planning on running around...
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    Glen elder

    Looking to take an out of state trip over Christmas potentially as our duck season closes dec 1 here in Iowa. Any online resources to gain a little info on the area? I know a few people that have hunted there once or twice but I know nothing about the area just want to make sure a drive like...
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    Mud buddy prop question

    Have an 1854 prodigy. Hanging a mud buddy 5000 off the back. Ran it today 4 guys 4 dozen floaters a dog and 2 bags of silos and it did a whole 8mph. Obviously this has to be the prop right? Any suggestions?
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    Looking to take a trip

    Hey all, as my dad has retired from the military he has some more time on his hands and is slowly getting into waterfowl hunting with me. We are talking about taking a once in a lifetime waterfowl/fishing trip. We looked at Alaska but just aren’t sure how plausible that will be. Other areas we...
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    New boat...opinions appreciated

    I recently acquired a g3 1544 as you can see in the pictures below. My plan is to remove the middle bench and turn the back bench into two quarter benches. I will plan on storing the battery up front, and running a long tail mud motor off the back, although I haven’t decided how big. I would...
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    Saunders traffic/ grounds g overhauler

    Curious on everyone’s thoughts about these two calls. Obviously both companies speak for themselves but I can’t get my hands on one and would like to know what others think of them. I’m not new to goose calling, but have plans to really develop And elevate my game as a caller over the next year...
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    New Gear for 2020

    With the season quickly approaching I was curious what new gear everyone on the fuge will be running this fall!? Personally I went in pretty deep. Revamped the entire full body spread and switched over to SX decoys. Gonna be field testing some products for a few companies this fall. Finally...
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    first expensive body

    Hey all, I am going to be making my first big jump into a nice camera setup after working with what I had last fall. I have looked at the canon 7d Mark II, as well as the 90D. I have heard a lot of great things about the markII, but am wondering if there is a newer version or body that someone...
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    Just got some SX honkers

    Figured I would throw up a little review about the new sx full size honkers I got. First off the CS was bar none. Ordered Friday they showed up Monday afternoon. Even had about a half hour convo with the CS rep. Very impressed. The decoys came with stands stakes and individual bags as well...
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    BLF with sensitive stomach?

    I have a 2 yo BLF that I have been feeding taste of the wild (various types of meat based feed). But with all the grain free reports that came out I switched about 4 months ago to PPP as it seemed to be the consensus food among trainers. It has gotten to the point where she is really only eating...
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    Buying pictures

    I was going to post this in the photography forum but it looks like there’s not much traffic over there. Does anyone have some good places to buy waterfowl related pictures? Looking for blown up framed digital images. Thanks!
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    Mud motor suggestions

    I will be getting a sneak boat custom made out of aluminum. It will be just like the one in the picture except it will be 12’ instead of 15’, and is 4ft across the bottom. I was looking at a 13hp backwater kit and a predator motor but was curious what you guys thought....plans changed a little...
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    Kara hummer

    Does anyone have a website they could direct me towards to purchase Kara hummer plans? Would like to build one as a side project. Maybe if I’m lucky it will be done before the end of the season.
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    Boat prop question

    question for all of you motor junkies out there. I have an ‘83 Evinrude 35hp with console steering. About a year ago I put a Solaris 13 pitch prop on it. It’s on a 1652 Lowe Jon and got 22mph this summer pinned to the floor with a completely empty load and 2 guys. I feel like there should be a...