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    Carry laws and laws in general on Native Indian reservations

    Just like the title says, just wonder how laws apply on Reservations?
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    Californians are ruining Idaho

    I recently heard that comment from a guy here who moved from California a few years ago. A friend who has lived in Idaho most all his life and in Kuna the last 20 says 80% of his new neighbors are coming from California. Idaho, it was a good 130-year run (July 3, 1890) but your days are...
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    Rejecting Textbooks I'm not exactly sure what Critical Race Theory is, but I figured this article may be of interest.
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    Materials going up

    I went to order some 4-inch X 6-inch steel square tubing the other day. 40 feet cost $700 in 2020, $750 in early 2021. The other day, they wanted $2200!
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    what kind of filleted fish is this?

    A neighbor dropped fish off a few months ago. Wife took this out of the freezer and wants to know what it is? It's about 13 inches long and taken in saltwater in Alaska last summer. Any ideas?
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    Your thoughts on headlamps

    I'm looking for a waterproof headlamp with a separate battery pack and I assume they are available in both replaceable and rechargeable models. I'm wondering what your experiences have been in replaceable vs rechargeable batteries? Do you have a preference? Thanks
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    Help me with my Gopro 8 black.

    I finally got around to looking at the GoPro that I received a year ago. I found a tutorial on Youtube and early on in the video it says to download a free app from GoPro so you can link your camera to your phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy. In the Playstore there are tons of apps and I'm having...
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    What's the latest you've seen snows in your area? I've seen scattered big flocks going north up until about the 3rd week of April. However, several years ago a pair of snows was in our field for over a day, the first of June. I'm guessing one was injured. I was impressed by the loyalty...
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    Ridiculous software upgrades

    These software upgrades are ridiculous. It used to be you'd have a few seconds (btw, not enough time) to view contacts before the side bar with the alphabet disappeared. I just got an upgrade today on T mobile. Now, the alphabet has disappeared on the sidebar when you scroll your address...
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    2020 Ram 1500 problem stuck in 1st.

    This happened a month ago when I pulled off a snowy highway to look at a map. I pulled back on the highway and the Ram would not shift out of 1st gear. It took a few seconds for me to realize what was going on. I pulled to the shoulder and turned the engine off and then back on and it cleared...
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    Goose summer sausage, what did I do wrong? So I bought a grinder and pork fat and made some summer sausage. As it was going thru the grinder for the final time I'm thinking the texture is really fine, kind of like a pate. Well, sure enough I cut into it and...
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    CD rates

    I went to the bank to renew a CD. There was a long line with a single teller and she was happy to be visiting and making small talk with every customer. 15 minutes later I walk out with a 6 month .05%!
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    New grinder, first time, how long

    Bought a Lem a while ago. I have about 20 pounds of mostly goose and some duck to grind up. Gonna get 20 pounds of pork fat or shoulder. Just wondering how long it will take to grind it up, add the seasonings, stuff into sausages and tie-off? Are we talking half a day? Thanks
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    Cooking, I don't know what happened.

    But I had duck a few days ago and again tonight and both times it was actually good. We had 5 Wood duck over the weekend and a Widgeon and GWT for dinner tonight. Drained the blood and soaked in salt for a day, and then rinsed a lot and soaked in fresh water for a day. Olive oil in the pan...
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    Maybe we should have flown

    We had plans to meet our daughter in Hood River, stay a night and then drive up I-5 to Seattle to see the son and dil. A mudslide closed the eastbound fwy of I-84 to Hood River so that part of the itinerary got cancelled. Then I-5 was closed to flooding near Chehalis and I-90 was closed over...
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    Panel blinds

    I'm thinking of setting up a solo panel blind in harvested corn. The stalks are about 3 feet tall and the panel blind would stick up about a foot above. I figure setting it up right in the middle away from the edges. Is that a good idea? How about the top opening? Would Fast Grass be OK or...
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    Does anyone blow a flute call?

    I suck at blowing a short reed. I found an old Big River Flute in a box in the basement. I have not used that for 15 years, not that I did much good with it. The sound is more mellow and a bit lower than the high pitch of my acrylic Saunders and SR-1 Paralyzer. Just wondering how...
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    Cleaning mounts

    I've been using an Ostrich feather duster to clean my bird mounts. It seems to me like it gets the feathers clean but I think that all the dust is going into the feathers. How about using a low pressure air nozzle to clean the mounts? I tried blowing on the birds and I could see dust getting...
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    Lake Pend Oreille, first visit.

    I know it's in Idaho but some of you would know and Hayden visits this page. I was there recently and it looked to be 10 to 15 feet low, judging from the docks and pier posts. Just wonder if that is normal or because of the drought the West has been experiencing?
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    Ram 1500 driving impressions.

    I've been driving a Longhorn Crewcab for about 6 months now. It is smooth with the air-ride suspension, quiet and well-appointed. It's the first Chrysler product I've owned. I'm not happy with the huge, center display console. Even after 6 months of use, I'm not used to it and prefer...