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  1. Native NV Ducker

    Biden Meeting Instructions

    We already know he follows a note sheet for his appearances, almost verbatim, but did we know they even tell him to take his own seat? President Biden on Thursday inadvertently held up a comically detailed cheat sheet prepared by his staff instructing the gaffe-prone leader of the free world...
  2. Native NV Ducker

    Don Dennis Call Fundraising Auction

    Fundraiser for Holesinthesky for help with Covid medical bills Starting bid for call is $150 Minimum bid must be a minimum of $25 increments Please keep cross talk or chat to a minimum 24 hours after people stop bidding, we will post "going once" 24 hours after that, "going twice" 24 hours after...
  3. Native NV Ducker

    101 Bird Shoot, 5-Stand, 16 Trap, Wobble Trap, Doubles In Hamilton, MT

    This may sound self serving, and that is the last thing I want. I had nothing to do with organizing this shoot...However....... This Sunday, at the Hamilton Trap Club, by the Hamilton Airport, they are holding a 101 Bird Clay Shoot. It starts at Noon, and goes till everyone has shot. Food is...
  4. Native NV Ducker

    Fowler 267 Go Fund Me Info

    As posted in the Fowler267 thread.... All, Cathy has started a go fund me page. The family could use your assistance. Many of you may not of known Max. But he was a heck of a nice guy, a veteran, and an man who was willing to assist other outdoorsmen, especially the older guys to keep hunting...
  5. Native NV Ducker

    Is there a better group of guys, when the chips are down?

    I am home. I had to get out of there, for many reasons, but the main one is $1000 a day vs free here at home (well, sorta) After 30 days or so, that is/was adding up. I am still very messed up. Right side of my face is numb, rt eye no workee. Have to walk with a walker, very unsteady...
  6. Native NV Ducker

    How was your opener?

    Mine was typical. War zone for the first hour or so. I am one of the few that actually has decoys, everyone else is just pass shooting. I always have a group that sets up about 150 yards down river from me. I don't get mad about it any more. They are there every year, I am where I am every...
  7. Native NV Ducker

    2021 Youth Hunt

    Took the same young man I have taken for the past two years out today. 2 years ago, he went through over a box of shells for his 7 birds. He is a good shot, but flying ducks had him confused. Point being, lots of birds for that many shots. Last year he shot 2 3/4" 6's in his trap gun, and...
  8. Native NV Ducker

    Will the biden admin follow the Supreme Court Ruling?

    WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to block a ruling from a federal judge in Texas requiring the Biden administration to reinstate a Trump-era immigration program that forces asylum seekers arriving at the southwestern border to await approval in Mexico. The court’s brief...
  9. Native NV Ducker

    360 Solo Blind and Blindgrass.Com Review

    As promised, I got the blind out for some pics. Some thoughts on the blind first: I really like it, with the understanding I haven't hunted it yet. It isn't nearly as light as my chickenwire blinds, tho the bulk is about the same. It won't matter, since I use a cart to get to my spots...
  10. Native NV Ducker

    Special Effects Technology is Amazing

    Shades of Blade Runner
  11. Native NV Ducker

    Random weekend sights in MT

    Yellowstone Rigging Rally Rodeo. This was an 89 point ride, one of the better ones of the night. Talena and I found a new training spot at the clubhouse. The baby sheep are coming down to the road.
  12. Native NV Ducker

    I love Montana, but.........

    This is getting kinda old..... I mean, it's May 23rd!!!! Planted my garden last week, cuz the long range forecast said no problems. Most of my stuff is ok, but the tomatoes are toast.
  13. Native NV Ducker

    One of the stupider things......

    that I have heard from the Govt in a while. DHS (Homeland Security)has issued a warning, through August 15, that there could be an uptick in terrorist activity. The reason? Because, with the lifting of restrictions due to covid, and people beginning to gather again, terrorists may use these...
  14. Native NV Ducker

    MT Regulations are out

    Waterfowl: Other regulations can be found here... Hard copies can be found in 3-5 weeks.
  15. Native NV Ducker

    This is something the entire Country has been asking for....

    With all the problems out there, this is what they are working on....... DC statehood approved by House as Senate fight looms
  16. Native NV Ducker

    Choke space

  17. Native NV Ducker

    PSA- Dogs in Layouts

    Just watching a hunting show (doesn't matter which one). Guy had his VERY well trained lab between his feet in the layout. Most of the regular guys know better, but for the lurkers that are out there, this is a very bad idea. I make the mistake when I was younger. Thought it was simple and...
  18. Native NV Ducker

    Interesting Timing (Covid related)

    American Medical Association Rescinds Previous Statement Against Prescription of Hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 Patients Previously, the AMA had issued a statement in March that was highly critical of HCQ in regards to its use as a proposed treatment by some physicians in the early stages of...
  19. Native NV Ducker

    Speaking of Unions...

    I know there were some union comments somewhere, but I can't find it. A local teachers union says they will not come to work until NATIONAL changes are made. But in Los...
  20. Native NV Ducker

    Montana Swan and Crane Application Deadlines

    Info from MWP.... Swan and sandhill crane application deadlines Waterfowl and webless migratory bird regulations are complete for the 2020-21 hunting seasons. The regulations are online at, and hard copies are available at license providers. Duck and goose...