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  1. Curt Gibson

    Bark collar

    Needing a bark collar and would like to hear what people are using ? Thanks
  2. Curt Gibson

    Brant ?

    Anyone ever hunt for Brant ? Looking to check one off the list this season !!!
  3. Curt Gibson

    Black ducks

    Looking for some info on the top places to shoot black ducks ? Will most likely use a guide so any recommendations on those would be appreciated!!! Thanks
  4. Curt Gibson

    Not a bad way ti finish the season

    Only ended up with a few but can't complain !!!
  5. Curt Gibson

    DU sponsor lapel pins

    Anyone have a good way to displays these ? I'm up to 5 now and trying to figure out something to do with them.
  6. Curt Gibson

    Not much flying

    Decided after 2hrs of hardly anything flying I would go for a walk and it paid off !!! Ended up with 5. Hope everyone else is getting a few ?
  7. Curt Gibson

    How old is your current shotgun ?

    I'm going on my 20th season with my Benelli SBE !!! Havnt had to do anything to it other than regular cleaning.
  8. Curt Gibson

    Looking for a teal expert?

    Shot what I believe is a blue wing hen ? Just seeing what others think since a cinnamon is very similar. Top bird ?
  9. Curt Gibson

    Opening day success

    Had another good opener in Southern Oregon this year.
  10. Curt Gibson

    Summer lake opener

    Had another good opener at Summer this year !!!
  11. Curt Gibson

    Saskatchewan hunt last week

  12. Curt Gibson

    Canada hunt !!!

    Made it across the border with ease. Start hunting on Monday!!!
  13. Curt Gibson

    Keeping the bird dog in shape

    Time to start getting our buddies ready for bird season. Did a good 8.5 mile hike up in the mountains on Tuesday !!!
  14. Curt Gibson


    Anyone getting out ? I've only made it out once so far with my dad and the boys.
  15. Curt Gibson

    Cinnamon teal

    Love this time of the year !! Wish they would hang out a little longer in the fall
  16. Curt Gibson

    Bark collars

    Looking for a good bark collar ? I bought a Garmin and it's keeps false shocking my dog so I read some reviews and it seems to be and issue with these collars. Thanks
  17. Curt Gibson

    Got a chukar before it closed

  18. Curt Gibson

    Columbia ducks

    Finally made my way back up to the Columbia for a hunt !!!

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