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  1. duckbuster5901

    16 gauge hulls

    Ballistic products has Chedite preprimed 16 gauge hulls as well as 20 & 12 right now if anyones in need.
  2. duckbuster5901

    Mud Motor on a 15' 4" Ghenooe

    Been kicking around the idea of mounting mud motor on my Ghenooe. Hulls rated for a 10 h.p. conventional outboard so about 75 lbs. I presently run a 15 2 stroke that weighs 73 lbs. Would like to be able to sit when driving but not sure if thats possible with a longtail. Places i,d access with...
  3. duckbuster5901

    Panel Blinds on sale

    Tanglefree has a good sale for 48 hrs. on their panel blinds if anyone's in need
  4. duckbuster5901

    First Bismuth Handload

    Have been working all spring on my first Bismuth handloads for my 20,s. Having patterned them out to 40 yds I was pleased with the patterns but needed something commercially available to compare my results to. Got a notification from Boss couple weeks ago that they had their 3" 1 1/8 oz. 4,s...
  5. duckbuster5901

    2 Macks Prairie Wings Command Series Vests for sale

    Size 2xl. Great shape. All zippers,pulls work and intact. Thinsulate insulated , windproof lining w/warm fleece lining inside. 2 lower zippered side pockets and zippered chest pocket. $50 for the pair or $25 each plus shipping from 21863. 443-523-4197
  6. duckbuster5901

    2 Macks Prarrie Wings Command series vests for sale

    Size 2xl. Great shape, no rips, all zippers intact, windproof lining, thinsulate insulated w/ soft fleece lining inside. waist adjusting draw cord, 2 zippered side pockets and zippered chest pocket. 1 brown the other Max 5 camo. $50 for the pair plus shipping from 21863. or $25 each . Still...
  7. duckbuster5901

    14' Old Town Twin Heron tandem Kayak completely set up for duck hunting

    Excellent condition. Comes with cordura nylon dodger that completely collapses and easily removed if not needed. Dodger set up to cover retriever sitting behind laid out hunter. Removable Blind grassed w/raffia and cordura nylon lap curtain that covers hunter up to armpits, completely grassed...
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    Sale on Bismuth Shot

    Roto Metals has 10% off on orders over $100 which includes Bismuth shot and free shipping over $149
  9. duckbuster5901

    In Need of some good 3" Bismuth loads for 20 gauge Chedite hulls

    I have Ballistic Products Advantage Manual Loads, Curmudgeons Loads of the Week, Lymans 5th Edition data for Chedite 3" hulls. Has anyone got any loads they favor in 3" Chedite hulls they would like to share. Preferably 1 1/8 .
  10. duckbuster5901

    Ever wanted to throw your reloader out the window

    Well I started to load up some 3" 20 gauge Bismuth today but came to a screeching halt. Had tested function of shot drop and powder drop independently of each other while weighing each to get proper drops. Neither time were both bottles full, only one at a time. Well started my powder drop on...
  11. duckbuster5901

    Resizing issues with Mec 600 Jr. converted to load 3"

    Just changed my Mec 600 jr. set up for 20 gauge over to load 3" shells and have ran into an issue I can,t seem to cure. Resize / deprime die keeps sticking 3" hulls on the upstroke and will not release hull from die. Have played with deprime punch to no avail and up and down adjustments for...
  12. duckbuster5901

    Ballistic Products 3" Bismuth cheddite Load for 20 gauge

    Load is for 1 1/8 oz. of bismuth shot with 33.0 grns of Lil'Gun powder. #180301-9884 in their load of the week info. Has anyone loaded this particular load for their 20,s and if so how did it do?
  13. duckbuster5901

    Best value for Bismuth shot

    I,ve been checking out some Bismuth #4 shot for reloading and looking for best shot for dollars spent. Glancing at Roto Metals Bismuth, shot looks awful rough in pics i,ve seen while BPI,s is nice and round. For ones of you who've reloaded and shot these products any down side to those misshapen...
  14. duckbuster5901

    Getting set up tp load 3" 20 gauge Bismuth or HW

    Haven,t loaded waterfowl loads since the days of lead shot so entirely new to loading the newer components. Want to start loading for 3" 20 gauge as I have a MEC 600 set up for 20. Thinking Fed. 3" hulls probably my best bet to start with. Am I correct? Have 1000 FED. 209A primers on the way and...
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    We,ve Got some vistors from the South
  16. duckbuster5901

    Trstar Bristol Silver side x side shotgun

    Has anyone had experience with one of these? I know its not a BSS or even an Ithica/SKB but nice looking little gun for the price. Turkish made i,m guessing but at least TRISTAR has a Kansas area for warranty work. Thinking about a 20 or 28 to scratch my itch.
  17. duckbuster5901

    Remington Production video

    Just watched an update video from Big Green about ammo. Surprisingly they showed Federal Top gun ammo rolling down their lines which I wasn,t aware they produced. Speaker mentioned they had bought 2 new existing factorys with one of them being Hevi shots factory. Wondering if they,ll go back...
  18. duckbuster5901

    High n Dry waders

    Remember someone on forums that had purchased these commenting on likes/dislikes. Can,t find the post though. Whos been using them and how do like them?
  19. duckbuster5901

    Winchester SX3 20 Gauge Waterfowl Edition

    28" barrel. All chokes , shims, owners manual & original bx. Excellent condition. Functions perfectly. $875 plus shipping. 443-523-4197
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    Retriever Heat cycles question

    My 4.5 y.o. CLF started spotting yesterday after a couple days of acting a bit off. According to my records her last heat cycle started w/spotting about March 19 of this past spring. Didn,t think she should resume cycle till about first week or so of Oct. Am I wrong in my calulations or can they...