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    BRBR Management

    i need a reality check. Am I the only one who sees serious mismanagement at the Bear River Refuge? Phrag has ruined Duckville, Unit 3A, most of 3B and so on. Unit 9 would be unusable if Greg Mullen hadn't pulled the public safety card and mowed the phrag down. They bought the Canada Goose club...
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    Shotgun camo

    Folks, is anyone aware of palace locally that will camo dip shotguns? If not locally, then where would you send one to? Thanks in advance.
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    Farmington Bay

    Anybody know an outfitting operation that can do layout boat hunts at Farmington Bay?
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    Where'd they all go?

    This has been the most bizarre season I can remember. It started off hot, just like last year. Then, around Halloween, somebody shut off the tap and never turned it back on. The month of November was pretty much a waste and December has been worse. I figured our habitat was poor due to...
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    Camo dippin

    My Benelli is serious need of a new camo job. Is there anybody locally that re-dips them?
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    Spur water level

    Now that BRR is dumping water, has anybody been able to get boats or airboats out?
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    Salt Creek Project

    Is Randy still going to have a second volunteer day to finish planting the islands?
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    Late season success

    OK, I'm not trying to do some internet scouting here....but, I am genuinely interested how much success folks have been having the last two weeks. My last few times out to the late season honey hole have been fairly slow. Seems the birds are grouped up on scattered pockets of water, super...
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    Lost gun & blind bag

    Fellow fugers, someone left their gun and blind bag at the BRBR Unit 9 boat launch today. I believe they belong to a group riding in an airboat with a penguin logo on the rudders. If you know who these folks are or if you are the party who lost said items, please PM me. I have yer stuff:clap
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    Salt Creek update?

    Has anybody seen any water there? Two weeks ago it didn't appear they had finished any of the island construction or soil compaction. Time has run out.:eek:
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    DU Decals

    Any of you guys who are closely associated with DU know where I can get the duck head decals for my truck? I've seen camo ones that look sharp. Also, I've never been able to find a set matched to both heads point the same direction on each side of the truck.
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    Bird Taxidermy

    Anybody know if Grant Wilborn is still in the area and doing taxidermy? Contact info?
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    Ice at Turpin

    Anyone know how much ice is at Farmington Bay?
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    Congratulations to Tom

    Tom Aldrich, the longtime state waterfowl coordinator, has announced his retirement on Jan. 1. Utah hunters owe Tom a debt of gratitude for his outstanding service, expertise and stewardship. Tom has always had the resource and public opportunity as his top priorities. As a hunter himself, he...
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    A lesson in stupidity

    Ok. Blizzard warning yesterday. 50+ mph wind. Ya gotta go, right? So I did. Took my version of Paddler's evil tool of global habit destruction out and set up in my favorite spot for waterfowl mass murder. Wind was direct outta the south at gale force when we set up, exact opposite of what...
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    Last nite's hunt

    Was all of northern Utah at BRBR yesterday:confused: I've never seen so many people using the refuge as I have this year. Must be the road. Hard to even find a parking space. Anyhoo managed to get really wet and knock down a limit. Looks like we're gonna get real skinny on birds after...
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    Ate a cam lobe

    Have a MB HD 5000 that just rounded a cam lobe with 38 hrs on engine. Puts me down smack dab in the middle of the hunt. Is this super rare or have folks experienced this problem? Must say, MB has jumped right on fixin it tho...................if we can get a cam I'll be back online.
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    What's up with Salt Creek?

    Did the state abandon it?:scratch Went out today and the water is about 2 feet lower than the opener. Nasty, nasty choke weed has come to surface and you can barely run in it.:mad: Lowest water level I've ever seen on the north end. Place needs some serious help. Hope they get the...
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    I am flippin' out

    The weather, the proximity to the opener, the preparations. Ooooohh the humanity. I flipped out and had to leave work and go do some scouting. Been goin nuts on the duck boat loadin', trailer loadin', gear checkin' all evening.........good god almighty will it git here.
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    Serious Problem - Lost Dog

    Was at Megaplex Theaters in Ogden when my 4.5 year old, black female broke out of my buddy's truck:eek:. Somehow she figured out how to open the hatchback on his shell. She has an orange University of Illinois collar with tag. Her name is Morgan. If anyone sees or hears of a sighting, please...

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