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    Tradesmen- workboot question

    Looking for a new pair of indoor work boots.i do mostly commercial flooring so insulation is not an issue.what do you guys wear that are comfortable?
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    Kids school lunch?

    I had to post this for the laugh/sad factor.this is mn just outside the twin s-holes. My buddies daughter sent this today.. This is the new "free" lunch vs when lunch was $1.50 ticket /credit..
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    Texas wall?

    Not good at attaching links.. . I was reading about governor Abbott building/finishing the wall himself in Texas? I like his thinking!:tu
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    Boarding dogs question.

    Any of you guys put your dog(s) in a kennel when you travel? I never had to worry about it when married but now that I'm single and the x- wife will also be outta town at the same time im not sure of options? If im gone for a night or two i'll have the neighbor let them out,but I don't like...
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    Any truck drivers?

    Curious if anybody here drives truck for a living? I've got 26 years on my hands and knees in the flooring trade and have had enough. Looking for any tips in the trade -train with a big carrier(paid to train) or train then look for job? I'm open to over the road or daily, just sick of...
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    Dogs and fireworks

    Am I the only one that has 2 dogs that lose their **** from fireworks but love the boom of a gun?
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    Hey Goosenazi..

    Thought you'd liked this..
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    No Santa this year?

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    Truck attack

    So another dirt bag pulls off a cowardly attack,but this time he doesn't die and is now in custody? I say " no holds barred" I don't care if they drug him,torture or whatever, treat him like a lab rat and see what can be extracted from him....
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    Bimini top

    So now that I'm in my mid 40's, I don't always enjoy fishing in the rain or sun as much as i used to:no. Anyway I have a 1848 phowler that I'd like to put a Bimini top on, any suggestions?
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    Spearing ??

    Anybody spearing sturgeon this year?? Let's see some pics!!
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    something is missing?

    The funny for the day thread !! Really???
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    woodies are party animals?

    Buddy sent this to me,cracked me up..
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    Hey guys, Anybody duck hunt montana? And if so, would you be willing to give a guy a heads up about it? I'd like to try and stay In the eastern side and not real sure when the best time to go is. Just looking for general info, not looking for honey holes our your ranchers/farmers. Feel free to...
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    was anybody,

    hunting when the Halloween storm of 91blew in? Just curious:tu
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    Enema nozzle award?

    So this am about 5 minutes after I had shot a duck this dork comes paddling up to me and my dekes. Then proceeds to fish 45-55 yards away! Mind you, there's about a 1' or so of watery muck in this area. I say hello, he kinda acknowledges me turns his back and fished for 45 minutes. Never wanted...
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    ghost town here ...

    Wow! Opener was 4 days ago and Jack **** for duck talk ? Haha I know MWF is dead, but where did everybody go? :z
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    ducks and bugs !!

    I assume I'm not the only one dealing with a fresh hatch of skeeters? just in time for opener .. I walked back to a spot last evening, AND ran back to my truck! I didnt have any spray with because last weekend i never saw a mosquito .... Don't forget your deet shower before you go out...
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    Teal, who's going?

    Just curious who plans on getting in on the teal shoot. I'll be crossing the Croix next Monday with a couple buddies. I've been watching ducks last couple weeks and just noticed a "bulge"in the teal population on some of my haunts!
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    Happy Easter er,I mean 420..

    ;). Cheers!Carry on..

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