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  1. Dirtybird420

    Almost time.

    Woke someone up this morning. Bout to be crab turkey n flounder time. Except it’s gonna b chilly a few days next week. Pretty much as excited as beginning of third split.
  2. Dirtybird420

    Pick 3.

    Don’t want Paul Kansas doing it all. 3 bands. One set beach side one set country side what’s your pics. Idk how to do a poll so just let it fly. Beach side. I’m going Luke Bryan sublime an biggie. Country side. Justin Moore Luke combs John pardie. What’s your sets.
  3. Dirtybird420

    Decoy flocking.

    Anyone know of a place that you can send your decoys to get flocked around Maryland. Seen a few posts of places on west coast but none on this side. Tossing around having em done, trying it myself or just selling an buying new factory ones. Just trying to figure out the prices. Don’t mind having...
  4. Dirtybird420

    Plucked duck n goose recipe

    Usually only do duck bites or pastrami. Wanted to try something diff so got 2 geese an 2 black ducks plucked. Any tried an true recipes you guys like.
  5. Dirtybird420

    Nebraska trip

    Well me an dad finally are breaking down n planning a trip west. He helped run a job in Fremont a few years ago. Cosco chicken plant. Made a few contacts while there. He’s gonna handle that end an im gonna deal with plan b on public or knocking on doors. We’re from Maryland and duck hunt all...
  6. Dirtybird420

    Last day.

    Well how’d it go. We ended up packing in at 2 with 3 gaddies n a red head. Saw a decent amount of reds but they didn’t want to do it today. Same birds we’ve been killing I imagine. Hope everyone had a decent season. I’d rate mine fair.
  7. Dirtybird420

    Boats ready.

    Got the blind finished up and everything put where we think we want it. Deff will be a little more roomy n comfortable then the grizzly. Maiden voyage tue. I’m sure we’ll tweak stuff after the season but a pretty solid start I think. Good luck on the last split fellas.
  8. Dirtybird420

    What is it.

    Was in a fresh water impoundment. Thanks in advance.
  9. Dirtybird420

    Good hunt.

    Thur sucked with the super low tide. Saw a lot of ducks but only got 3. Fri was awesome should have been done by 930 with better shooting. N saw a lot of ducks. All public land on mid to lower shore.

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