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    Shrimp boil & alcohol

    A buddy of mine hosts a weekly get together every Tuesday night, we call it Tackle Tuesday, and he will cook about anything from a store or something we harvested. Doing a shrimp boil tonight and we are arguing about what alcohol goes best with it. I’m good with just about any cold beer, but...
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    Mice and cars

    What do you guys do to keep mice out of cars? Damn things keep getting in air filter and have chewed the fuel injector wiring twice. I read to cut up jalapeños and soak in water and then apply with a spray bottle, so I’m trying that first.
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    HF 542 and SSB1221 - Attack on Future public lands

    Analysis HF 542 – Introduced 2/27/19 Section 1. – Conservation Tax Credit Strikes committee review of the charitable contribution tax credit expenditures and incentives. Completed in 2015. Section 2. –Inventory Report Requires inventory of real and personal property owned by the state or under...

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