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    Night vision

    How does a turkeys night vision compare to a humans? I walk in when it's pitch dark.
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    Redneck Remedies

    I was looking for a some containers to haul my pot calls in. I just have been putting them in my backpack in plastic bags. While eating lunch it hit me. These 8 once noosa yoghurt containers are perfect. That's what I'm using now. Works good. Ron
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    I am lucky in the fact I have a couple of farms that I am the only hunter they let in.

    With that being said, I hunted more and saw less birds this year than I ever did. I think the numbers are down in Wisconsin. In 10 days I have seen 2 gobblers. Got one. Could have got a Jake. I think part of the problem predators. A man who lets me hunt, knew the location of 3 nest on his...
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    DU memorabilia question

    My brother in law had a lot of paintings, and other things from being a DU sponsor for many years. My sister is thinking of getting rid of it. Her friends in Venice Florida have told her that DU memorabilia has lost it's value. I told her I would look into it. Any input would help. All items...
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    I want to change the surface on a friction call.

    I would like to put a slate in my pot call. Anybody out there willing and able to do this? I'll ship it and pay a reasonable rate. Ron