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  1. Tailfeathers

    Whale Swallows Two Kayakers

    Big gulp….then yuck, spits them out.
  2. Tailfeathers

    Wacky Elizabeth

    She wants to have the Government erect abortion clinics in National Parks… tents. Beware of them bears Elizabeth. I question her sanity...
  3. Tailfeathers

    Thats it…..You Aint Gettin Any!

    Pro abortion women are threatening a sex strike. One of the are instances where Pro Abortion women and Pro Life agree on something. That abstinence might be a good idea in some cases...
  4. Tailfeathers

    Ok to Pray on the 50 Yard Line

    ....." The 6-3 ruling was a victory for Joseph Kennedy, who claimed that the Bremerton School District violated his religious freedom by telling him he couldn’t pray so publicly after the games. The district said it was trying to avoid the appearance that the school was endorsing a religious...
  5. Tailfeathers

    Real Hero

    No doubt….Marine material.
  6. Tailfeathers

    Starbucks a Little less Woke

    They're canning their bathroom open door policy claiming that for the protection of their staff and customers, only paying customers can use the rest room. So much for being woke and saving humanity. Places like McDonalds , Burger King, Walmart and others will have to be the ones to offer a...
  7. Tailfeathers

    ……” When Black People Get Guns”

    Joy shows her colors:
  8. Tailfeathers

    Another Disney Perv

    Pleas to a lesser charge and only gets 2 years. Played a Grandpa at Disney. Nice culture there Walt...
  9. Tailfeathers

    Ohio’s Got it Righto

    Bill sitting the Guvnah’s desk to be signed. Allows teachers to be trained and armed.
  10. Tailfeathers

    …….cause Drugs are so Freakin Wonderful

    Only a 700% increase in over doses in Overdose Oregon. Not a big deal:
  11. Tailfeathers

    Criminals Like Cheap Firearms

    Criminals are dumb and don’t know or care about quality. They also don’t have much money.
  12. Tailfeathers

    Old People…..Don’t Mess With Them.

    Gotta love this:
  13. Tailfeathers

    Star Trek Goes Political

    Just a world war that kills 30% of the population over the 2020 elections being corrupt.
  14. Tailfeathers

    Remembering Koreatown

    Seems like only a few years ago. Brave men, Second Amendment rights enacted.
  15. Tailfeathers

    Mr. Pelosi…DUI
  16. Tailfeathers

    Gun Stance: Beto Flips….Beto Flops….4 Times

    The idjit wants to confiscate guns, then doesn’t, then …………. Nothing like a jerk with an unstable mind running for office...