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  1. GulfCoast

    What position did you play?

    Football, Jr. High to High School, Willie linebacker and occasional guard. No. 1 doubles in tennis (with partner, obviously).
  2. GulfCoast

    Omaha 2022 Who you got?

    Hotty Totty! (until they choke, as always).
  3. GulfCoast

    (POSTPONED) South MS Hunting Retriever Club Training Day June 18, 2022 (Wiggins/Perkinston MS)

    This training day will be postponed 2 weeks due to the heat index Saturday being 115 degrees. We do not want to get a dog in trouble due to the heat. Stay tuned for a new announcement.
  4. GulfCoast

    Claro walnut call

    A really snazzy figured walnut blank is worth some serious coin as a gunstock. It is getting harder and harder to find.
  5. GulfCoast

    Claro walnut call

    I have also seen Walnut calls, but I don't know what variety of Walnut. There are lots.
  6. GulfCoast

    (POSTPONED) South MS Hunting Retriever Club Training Day June 18, 2022 (Wiggins/Perkinston MS)

    South Mississippi HRC will have a training day for all retrievers on June 18, 2022. Anyone interested is welcome to attend, even if you have no dog and just want to watch. The training day will begin at 6:30 a.m. to beat the heat. Come when you can! We should be done by noon. The training...
  7. GulfCoast

    First single reed

    I have been told by folks "in the RNT shop" that the dog ears are "bigger now" because the reed stock is not the same as it was back in the day, and they need to be a bit bigger now to get the same "rasp."
  8. GulfCoast

    Where does it end?

    C'mon man: We gotta service the narrative! :)
  9. GulfCoast

    Where does it end?

    We have gotten so soft. We have *&^^% air conditioning and heat in our cars because we can't be bothered to develop the skills to cope with the natural environment like our pioneer forefathers. :) We. Suck. Now, the the F off the internet and learn to write with a quill pen and squid juice...
  10. GulfCoast

    What is your personal defense handgun round?

    Hornady Critical Duty, Federal HST's, or Gold Dots, depending on what I used to zero that pistol.
  11. GulfCoast


    There are many of us duck hunters who were taught to "float" birds. That is a real technique. However, you should fit your own gun for POI, not have Benelli decide everyone needs a "deep float" on every bird. All trap guns shoot "high." Many trap guns are designed to shoot 100% high...
  12. GulfCoast

    Choke constrictons

    My Mobil Choke Beretta are all .722 running bores, tight as a tick. Probably for use with both plastic and fiber wads in Europe?
  13. GulfCoast

    May 21, 2022 HRC Handlers/Judges Seminar (Columbia/Hattiesburg MS)

    Had 11 folks, not bad for a seminar in the middle of nowhere. :)
  14. GulfCoast

    Training Alone For HRC

    Oh, yeah. I did. All I heard was "what's that hunk of junk?" :) Cretins.
  15. GulfCoast


    Benelli has been over-hyped for decades as to reliability on the 3.5" guns. I have painful first hand experience on that issue. The truth finally caught up to them on the SBE 3. The 3" guns are totally reliable, in my experience.
  16. GulfCoast

    Training Alone For HRC

    You want to get looked at funny, bring a Winchester Model 12 out to an HRC training day.
  17. GulfCoast

    Do you drive as fast as you used to.....

    I actually drive a little faster, b/c I have become tired of spending so much time driving.
  18. GulfCoast

    JJ lares t-1 help

    No, I don't get any sticking, but I have never gone longer than a 1.380. When I have my air built up, the call sounds awesome on the top end. I should practice more.
  19. GulfCoast

    JJ lares t-1 help

    I run a 1.370 in my T1 and it is a beast. The beauty of that call is that it will run anything from 1.320 to 1.380 to suit most any level of forward pressure/air presentation style. I believe there have been a few World Lives won with a T1 and a 1.365 reed (Brett). I know guys that run 1.380...
  20. GulfCoast

    My mini collection

    The only problem with the Deceiver is if someone points it at you in the blind your ears may ring for 3 hours. :)