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  1. blacktail

    USC, UCLA to the Big Ten

  2. blacktail

    Another awesome milestone for woman's rights
  3. blacktail

    What Y'all Cooking?

    So I had a buddy over. We did 1/2 bushel of oysters on the grill. Chuck eyes. And had a pile of Dungeness for crab salad. I ended just heaping my crab on top of steak. It was awful.
  4. blacktail

    Whos been married the longest.

    29 years. I'm only 53.
  5. blacktail

    Workplace view

    Nope. It made my 4 hours.
  6. blacktail

    Workplace view

    I didn't take pictures but I had 2, 25 year olds in yoga pants fishing on the bow today. Yep.
  7. blacktail

    Workplace view

    Cause it was bought 8 years ago in Seward. Bad juju to rename boat.
  8. blacktail

    Workplace view

    Actually, it was in this cave. A buddy snapped this pic of me in front. Favorite pic of boat.
  9. blacktail

    What's everyone's big game plans for 2022?

    Besides out the door deer and elk, got a Wyoming mule deer tag.
  10. blacktail


    I'd give my left testicle if I only now had to pay that.
  11. blacktail

    Workplace view

    Salmon troller commercial
  12. blacktail

    Workplace view

    Not a view anyone likes to see.
  13. blacktail

    It's so Hot,

    Brutal here.
  14. blacktail

    Workplace view

    Had a metal band on other side.
  15. blacktail

    man, laughing my butt off. Civil Right abusing leftists show how cowardly they are in reality.

    Seriously, just watched. Some of the funniest stuff I've seen in a long time!
  16. blacktail

    Too hot for some of you guys !

    You'd think she could find a guy worth a crap! I need a Grandbaby close!
  17. blacktail

    Too hot for some of you guys !

  18. blacktail

    Too hot for some of you guys !

    I loved the fishing in South Carolina. The entire south Atlantic/Gulf is so freaking fun for fishing. Then you got summer. Bugs and high heat/humidity just took the life out of me. No one enjoys it. No one. But, my wife is on a mission to get me to move back to SC. This spring has been brutal...
  19. blacktail

    No "Hate Crime?"

  20. blacktail

    Workplace view

    Good. 16 limits of rockfish. Already back at dock. Sporty, 6' 15knots