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  1. Bullet21XD

    The Peckerwood Is Back! Widely accepted sighting... :l:l
  2. Bullet21XD

    Will This Pass?? Though I know longer live in Ca...I sure hope this doesn't go through. Spent a fair amiunt of my younger years fishing and working on boats in SoCal, and...
  3. Bullet21XD

    Kansas Trip!!

    I'm coming to Kansas next week to hunt 'til the end. Haven't been there for about 15 years, but all this hype suckered me in. What are some of the better public spots for ducks?? All suggestions appreciated. If you don't want to post your honey hole...feel free to PM me...I don't mind secrets.
  4. Bullet21XD

    BOSS Shotshells Misfires

    Anyone having issues with recently purchased BOSS shells and bad primers? I recieved 2 cases a few weeks ago and just tore into one this weekend. After about 40 shells, I had 5 or 6 bad primers. No issues with other shells all week, or ever for that matter. And never had a single issue with...
  5. Bullet21XD

    Well...It's Over. It just has to be everywhere.
  6. Bullet21XD

    Ya'll Gonna Have Another "Sighting"?
  7. Bullet21XD

    Ya'lls Teal Season?

    Just curious...with MN having a teal season this year, did you notice much difference in the amount of hunters hopping over to Wisco?? Just wondering how many Minnesotans hunted over there.
  8. Bullet21XD

    South Dakota Scam!

    Attention, those of you who are thinking of applying for a Nonresident SD waterfowl license. It's now mandatory to purchase the Habitat Stamp prior to applying for a license. If you are not drawn, the fee is NOT refundable. So, it will cost you $25 just to apply.
  9. Bullet21XD

    Trout Fishing...

    Hows the trout fishing been?? Can anyone provide recent water temps? Heading down this week to fish for a while. I always look forward to getting down to's my favorite time of year. The fishing is like nowhere else!!
  10. Bullet21XD

    The US Coast Guard Can Suck It! What a bunch of BS. All my boats pre date midyear 2020...and are all equipped with kill switches. I'm required to use them now. UNLESS...I remove or disable them so they no longer...
  11. Bullet21XD

    I Knew There Was A Reason I Hated Coca Cola! To be less white is to: Be less oppressive Be less arrogant Be less certain Be less defensive Be less arrogant Be more humble Listen Believe Break...
  12. Bullet21XD

    If We Get 30/3 Season...

    More specifically, in the Mississippi Flyway, but also restrictive frameworks for others...who is all hunting, and who is all quitting??? I'm very curious, because many hunters believe that this would lead to a drastic reduction of waterfowlers. I personally feel it wouldn't make any difference.
  13. Bullet21XD

    Monroe, La Meet Compton, Ca.
  14. Bullet21XD

    Plant ID?

    Another member killed a Mallard yesterday on the Upper Mississippi. It was full of this. Anyone know what it is? Sprouting Arrowhead? To me, it looks like some kind of bullrush sprout. Thanks!
  15. Bullet21XD

    Bigfoot B2 Floaters...

    Anyone know...did Bigfoot quit making their B2 Canada floaters already? Anyone know of any online retailers that have any left? Thanks
  16. Bullet21XD

    RM Alpha...

    Anyone got an RM CWF Alpha they don't want? I'd like to buy one. Wasn't paying close enough attention and missed out. Sounds like it's a call i'd really put to good use. Thanks Ron
  17. Bullet21XD

    SBE1 Ejector Question

    Helping a friend replace his ejector plate over the phone on an older generation SBE. It has the ejector case, and I need to know what size hex the case screws require. Thanks a bunch
  18. Bullet21XD

    NewsNinja Ain't Trippin'

    Fo real... Another twist in the Robertson conspicacy!
  19. Bullet21XD

    Garmin Montana 600

    Anybody have one of these handhelds? Looking for some reviews. Mostly concerned with battery life. And the touch how well it works in cold weather, and when the unit is wet. Also, does the screen have a lock to prevent you from changing if you happen to touch it while...
  20. Bullet21XD

    Opinions/Reviews of 3 Calls

    Looking for any opinions, reviews, notes from the field, etc. if any of you guys have been using(successfully or unsuccessfully)... 1. Refuge Calls Hybrid 2. Echo Breaker 3. Hobo Prime Meat Thanks everyone.