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    American Policy Center article: Electronic Registration Info Center

    Looking for opinions on the article on the American Policy Center site: "Electronic Registration Information Center, (ERIC)". What do you think? Oops, sorry, it's on page three of their articles.
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    Verizon 3G

    Be gentle, I'm not tech savvy. Verizon is ending their 3G service and say that I've got to get a new phone. Granted, my phone is a ten year old iphone, but I'm wondering if I really need a new phone or is this Verizon trying to smooth-talk me into staying with them. I can switch/update cards...
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    Maple Syrup

    Anyone tapping trees and cooking your own syrup? Would love to see pictures of the operation, and a narrative of your process.
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    Boss 3/5s

    Was looking at the BOSS site for #4s for my 16ga...for ducks and pheasants. I saw the #3/5s, I guess it's two shot sizes in one shell? Anyone tried this particular load? What do you thinks of it? Not only for 16ga, but also 12ga?
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    Barrett-Jackson auctions

    The auction is on now, on the history channel. Pretty interesting see the old vehicles. Anyone ever attend their auctions?
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    Gophers Football

    The Guaranteed Rate Bowl...Geez, how many damn bowl games are there? West Virginia vs Minnesota. Tuesday, in Phoenix, starts 9:15 PM. Any interested party going to be awake for the whole game. For crying out load why didn't they play it at 4:30 AM in Hawaii, at lease then I'd be awake for the game.
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    Spray foam in decoys?

    Has anyone use that canned spray foam insulation to fill plastic decoy? Thinking it would make the decoy a little more durable, last longer, and give them a little more weight for a better "ride" in the water.
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    Hard water reports?

    How thick is the ice on the lakes in the general area you're fishing? thanks
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    Tutorials on making decoys

    Probably be asked 100 times before, but... Are there any dvd's or y-tube tutorials on decoy making that goes through the whole process, from selecting wood, detailed curving instruction of different species, on to air brushing/painting?
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    Biden have the plague?

    Our dear leader in on Fox News right now...coughing, sinus congestion. What do you think? Cold or plaque? Guess instead of getting a saline shot, he should have gotten a couple booster shots.
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    Splitting hairs?

    Winchester, 12ga, 3in., steel xperts: 2 shot, 1 1/4, 1400 fps. or 2 shot, 1 1/8, 1550 fps. What's your choice? Heavier load, slower speed, or, lighter load, higher speed? Me...I'm just glade there is finally some ammo on the shelves.
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    Buy a new 10ga?

    A lot of the stores I've stopped into looking for 12ga, and all I see is 10ga loads. Was just wondering if anyone bought a 10ga this year to get around the ammo shortage?
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    Drake's Shallow Water Chair Blind

    Wondering if anyone has one of the Drake's Shallow Water Chair Blind and can give a review?
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    Swan decoys

    Haven't bought decoys in twenty years, but back then I remember seeing 3x swan decoys. Any company still offering swans?
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    Kennel fans

    Looking at the kennel fans made/marketed for specific brand alive, $100+ for a 12v fans...those companies sure do love their products. On another board, people are using DeWalt battery operated fan...pretty good multi-use fan, but still +/-$100. Any suggestions on workable and...
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    Congratulations to George Floyd...

    ...for one year of sobriety. As read on another forum. LOL
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    Jennings Decoy Company

    I little before my time. Not sure when the company was started. Thought maybe a few here remember the Jennings Decoy Company. But back in the day, they were a big seller of decoys, and, supplies for making cork decoys. When that died down (60's or 70's?), they turned to selling hunting art and...
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    Judge Cahill?

    Don't know the legal procedure, so I'm asking. I was thinking about judge Cahill's actions. First he doesn't sequester the jury, but then, he states in court all the reasons for a motion for mistrial? I would have thought it would be the duty of the defense attorney to bring up these issues and...
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    Multi purpose dogs?

    Do you train/use your duck dog for other bird hunting...pheasant?
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    Me and my shadow.

    Kamala must be with the "Usurper-in-Chief" every second of the day...heading up all policy discussions. The usurper was just on Fox making some pronunciations, and there, standing five feet behind him, stands June the 25th (lol), I'd say.